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  1. When I was in rehab several years back everyone used to quip about me describing myself as 'cautiously optimistic'. LOL. I guess today I'm 'somewhat hopeful'. Yeah, that's it.
  2. Knocked my obligatory shoulder/trap/forearm routine out of the park today, as per usual on a Saturday. Must have something to do with the extra sleep 😄 Also might be attributed to the herbal supplement I've started that's supposed to help with mood/energy/strength. We'll see. Gotta watch the pre-workout caffeine consumption though! Nightjar, I can only imagine what it's like to walk to Hollywood 😉 Later folks!
  3. Went to the local HIIT studio and felt like I was gonna die. I HATE rowing. Period. On a more positive note, burned a bunch o' calories so good to have that behind me 😄
  4. Wow THIS. I'm there with ya man. Almost identical situation, where lack of thankfulness has kept me from counting my proverbial blessings and a tendency to look at what is missing (trust me, I'd conjure something up if nothing were!). Led me to what seemed like major anhedonia and then full-blown alcoholism. I've been sober for three years now, but let me say that the propensity to dwell on where I'm coming up short and the negative still persists. It's a daily battle. I'm still at my age and place in life contending with comparison of myself with others and where I've come up short. Good folks here though--glad you joined us! T.
  5. HOT. Holding off on the yard shtuff until tomorrow, when it won't be hell degrees out. Already in the 90's...
  6. Tymothi and Sober--my sentiments exactly. And on that note, had my share of endorphins today. Worked delts/traps/forearms. Gym was crowded (as per usual on a Saturday) and it only motivated me. God--- to capture the natural high in a bottle and sell it.....
  7. Hit the gym as planned; worked back and bi's. Ugh. Maybe it was the break or the need for more pre-workout 😄 Happy Tuesday, y'all!
  8. No exercise today, as I was on the road. Hiked a bit yesterday but really looking forward to getting back to the gym tomorrow am. It's amazing how much energy I have on days where I actually work out to start off vs. days like today.
  9. Decided to kick it 'old school' and crank up Ian and co. from Stand Up. New Day Yesterday - Jethro Tull
  10. A bit more exhausted from what was supposed to be a brief jaunt out of town than I'd like. Was sorely tempted to follow up with a few coworkers (I work remotely and was off today) since we're getting to the end of a project cycle and I had to resist. Setting boundaries has never been super easy lol---or maybe it's just a control thing 😄
  11. Kafka's fusion of realism and the fantastic (postmodernism, maybe?) is legendary. Today I heard a quote of his that was seemingly antithetical : "Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old." I often jokingly respond to people saying that I'm quite cynical by saying "Welp, guess I'm old enough!" 😄 Maybe I just tend to filter out the positive and let the poignant come into focus and color my current philosophy. Can't blame aging for the negative retrospection though... Guess I get to contrast that with the adage of 'aging gracefully' 😉 Anyone else relate? Surprised that this is a Kafka-ism? Is it lunchtime yet? Provoking to say the least....
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