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  1. I have 25 mg. My prescription is from last year, The doctor gave me 30 pills, i took 9 and i was fine for about 14 months. I just started taking them again today. Zoloft has worked for me this way twice now. Low dose, combined with about an hour of excercise daily while I'm on them, biking 10 miles in my case, has a lasting effect. I take it until i feel better. Last time it was 9 days, and I was in horrible shape when I started. I saw a new doc and she made me wait to do labs and then come back and I was like come ON i just need relief. But in a week i was fine. I'm reading alot about side effects. On 25 mg I have none, but I don't take it long enough to develop them either. i'm guessing my low dose makes it easy to just simply stop, or the fact that I quit so quickly maybe. Everyone is different, clearly, and it seems i respond well to Zoloft. But I can't help but wonder if less is more with this drug. I don't see anyone taking 25mg, most seem to start at 50 mg. Just my experience, for what it's worth.
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