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  1. Hi Ratty, Effexor isn’t working for me either. I’m also bipolar II but I didn’t want my doc to find out because I liked my highs. They seemed to be the only times I got something done. Now I know it was stupid. I don’t know how to transition to something else now. I can’t easily get off the effexor, and I’m scared. I’m still depressed, yesterday I was even crying. Meaning, it doesn’t work as it used to. It’s been three years or so. It’s all a blur. Thank you for sharing. It’s interesting that we have more ups and downs on it. I’m always cutting Tablets in half. Maybe the fluctuations in size are not good... I want off, but my life situation is not good, and I’m scared I’ll go downhill and start obsessing about negative things again if I’m not on something that makes me distant. I used to be on sertraline, but I just spent 3 years apathetic in bed. I tried three other ssri s but they made my anxiety/ anger go through the roof . Venlafaxine (Effexor) just adds Adrenalin to the downer. So I’m always feeling stressed. Everything I do I seem to do out of some sort of latent panic. And I have anxiety, about things like grocery shopping. I push it out and suffer days without milk before I finally am forced to go... lol
  2. Oh, wow, good point about the consistent dose. Also, I forgot to mention, I’m on tablets. So even with smaller dose tablets, I will have to cut them eventually.
  3. ResearchGuy, thank you so much for your post! It is exactly the push in need to start a solid plan for going off venlafaxine. I‘ve tried coming off like I did off sertaline, but that does not work. I’m planning on going over 10 to 12 months. But will have to get a precision scale for that. I’m so grateful for your detailed listing of vitamins etc. i have been thinking, if you experience side effects, like Memory issues, could you ease into each 3 week period by taking the new dose only every second day for a week or so? Anyways, wish me luck, I don’t have a supportive partner, just an ignorant one, lol, so I can’t involve him without enhancing the stress. Will have to monitor well myself. I’m going to download the app you recommended. Best wishes.
  4. You’re wrong. Memory issues are well documented, while on antidepressants and as a side effect of weaning off. Sometimes they stay for life, even after discontinuing. Please, wean off real slow, people! And be careful with antidepressants! If something is not working, don’t take more, don’t add something, as in upper plus downer etc... In Europe, that is not even allowed. Switch to something else. Start with low doses, especially if you are very sensitive to things like coffee or alcohol. Anyways, I’ve been on sertraline and now on venlafaxine, and both times It’s very noticeable that my IQ, ability to focus, and memory went down. It comes with the blissful sort of nirvana, that we like about antidepressants, the ability to let go.
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