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  1. I don’t know how this will find you guys but I hope you are all okay. A little about myself. I’m from Kenya in Africa. I came out about 5 months ago. Being in a country that hasn’t yet legalized same-sex marriage and relations, this wasn’t a really good idea. But I was fed up with all the hiding and lying to my folks and siblings. So I just decided it was time and just as expected I was met with so much negativity and backlash. My mom didn’t even wanna see me and my dad didn’t react and my siblings being older and married were disappointed. I was treated like an outsider and my mom even informed the extended family. I don’t even know why. Damn it was hard. I ended up talking to my dad one night and he opened up about how he had no issue with me being queer but he just didn’t want my mum to know. I promised not to say a word and my dad decided that it was better that I move from home to reduce the tension. I left home but my mum thought I had run away. Only Dad knew where I was and continued to send me money for upkeep. Then he got into an accident and I was forced to come back home. The truth about my dad supporting came to light and now we became outcasts. Even my dad just because he supported me for being a lesbian. So my dad, who’s the only support system is in hospital, during his treatment they found tumors around his colon. So he has to go in for surgery on July 30th. With only me by his side. I can’t even afford his bills. My family and extended family resent us and won’t even talk. Mum has already filed for a divorce. Talk about a snowball effect. I started an online fundraiser for my dad its still ongoing till August 15 but that is not going too well too. I don’t know what else to do for real I don’t know if it is appropriate to share my fundraising link but if anyone would like it please leave a comment.
  2. I am having a problem coping with life after coming out. I came out as a lesbian to my family and everyone except my DAD accepted me. I’m in a country where LGBTQ is not legal yet. My dad stood by me and said it was okay. That was nice but it soon faded because my dad lost his marriage because my mum couldn’t accept me for who i was. They divorced last month and my dad lost nearly everything in the divorce. Now he’s sick, needs surgery and he can’t afford it and I can’t help coz I’m just 18 and a student . Lost my job coz of covid. I started an online fundraiser for him but that is not going too well. And its all my fault ,if I hadn’t come out none of this would have happened. . I can’t sleep most nights. I feel like if this fundraiser goes well maybe it will feel like a thank you but i’m not even optimistic. Maybe if I left my family will forgive my dad and help him with his medical bills, surgery and chemo. I can’t do it on my own
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