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  1. my dad has been coughing his lungs out for over a year, he wont call the specialist to get it checked out, my mom does nothing, she's enables him like it's nothing, my brother does the same and im the only one that's telling him to get it checked out and says he will but he wont do it and im worried because when my mom refused to get a test done on her stomach for years and then when she did, she almost had cancer. like it's the same thing with my dad, im scared that he's going to wait the last minute and something bad is going to happen, i just dont know what to do, it's driving me crazy.
  2. thank you, yes i agree, i just dont have a buddy system, it's just me trying to get through this.
  3. i know thank you , yes, can you friend me i need someone to keep in touch because my family gets irritated when i talk about my problems.
  4. im on vacation right now in ocean city new jersey for four days, i was hoping to go swimming and go on the beach everyday but the storm from the south has been giving us rain and cloudy for two days and i feel so depressed right now, that i keep thinking about sucide because i feel im never going to be happy, i always meant to be alone for the rest of my life like there's a devil after me. i was on the beach the one day and i saw girl that was alone and i wanted to help her but i froze and i didn't want to do it, it feels something is holding me back, after that i just felt like l lost my soul like my life is over, depressed and emotional. i dont want to do. i want to live and i want to be happy, but i keep getting beat down with fear and i dont know how to beat it, it feels like i'll never will.
  5. yeah i know, i just feel like i cant even function when im around girls.
  6. i feel like i have given up on girls because i cant talk to them, none of them will talk to me, i guess i need muscles to attract girls because i dont have any or i got to be nasty person which im not, i dont know what to do, i feel like my soul is gone, i feel like when im in the parking alot i just want someone to run me over and end my life because no one likes me.
  7. wouldnt she want to see my whole face to know what i look like?
  8. im really confused on how to approach this because if i meet someone at a store or a cashier, i dont want to get in trouble and that girl in trouble. like if i see some cute girl that's a cashier, do i just ask if she wants to get to know me with my mask on even though she doesnt know what i look like? i dont know how to do this, if anyone has tips, im open for that.
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