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  1. I was really worried about that because I heard it from a lot of different people but luckily Melatonin works for me. Been taking it for 3 months now so I hope I'm past the point where scary comes into my dreams.
  2. Just remembered I need to wrap this thing up It's 2 months since I finished titrating off of Wellbutrin. There were some rough times but things have improved a lot in the last couple weeks. The insomnia that Wellbutrin gave me finally went away about 2 weeks ago. Hallelujah. During the course of the last couple months depression visited at times but it got pretty bad about a month after stopping. The depression started fading not too long after sleep got better. I don't think it'll ever go away completely but the last several days have been pretty darn good. Trazodone had really strong and bad side effects for me so I went with Melatonin only and it continues to work well. 6mg. Anyhow- thanks for the advice and support I got here
  3. Frustrating yeah you can say that again. The insomnia was not worth the benefit I was getting from Wellbutrin. After a gentle 4 week titration I'm now antidepressant-free for 11 days. Mood-wise it's been pretty ok-- a walk in the park compared to how it was when I quit Celexa with a 2 week titration. Anyhow- I hope you figure out the best compromise. It's different for everyone... I hate that but it's true
  4. Keep hanging in there! For me those phases, like tired or irritable or somnolent or headachey-- for me the intensity and duration changed significantly as time went ton. By week 12 the effects were more consistent but up until that point it was a roller coaster ride. Based on everything I read (the experiences of other people and info from medical sites) and what my pdoc said it took me about 25% longer than average to settle in. If you go by averages you still have a few weeks or possibly more until the effects become fairly consistent and it's time to judge efficacy.
  5. Hi all, I took my very last dose of Wellbutrin this morning. The process of returning to the chemical make up I was born with still has a little ways to go so I'm not judging how that is yet. There's one important thing I went thru that might help anyone who goes thru this process: the negative side effects of the weening-off process have been minimized by about eighty thousand percent compared to when I titrated off Celexa. That process was so dark I basically put myself in isolation for fear of saying horrible things to anyone I talked to. But with a slower titration off Wellbutrin it's been tons easier. I get tired during the day frequently but it hasn't been so bad I go back to sleep and give up on the day. That's how it was with Celexa- I had pretty strong depression symptoms for 3 solid months along with a really fun splitting headache. For 3 months.
  6. Sorry to hear you're still not getting the full benefits but when I was where you are in the timeline it wasn't consistent yet. That took a while so unfortunately you might have more of this roller coaster to get thru before your body chemistry stabilizes. Lately I've been drinking chamomile tea before bed and when/if I wake up with insomnia in the middle of the night. Such a simple thing a cup of tea but it really does smooth things out at night.
  7. I'm a major lightweight when it comes to medications these days. Funny thing is the opposite was true back in my rambunctious college days After laying awake so many nights I was a daytime zombie-- add to that 50mg of Trazodone, which works for sleep but leaves me dizzy, weak and seeing stars during the day so I decide to switch gears; I'm weaning off the Wellbutrin now. That's a real shame because it work well for depression plus I get the energy boost too. Insomnia just isn't worth it though In case you're just tuning in-- I tried 4 other sleep aids and they pretty much did nothing. Starting first 5 days ago I lowered my 200mg morning dose to 100mg and continued taking 100mg more in the afternoon. The first night I took only 25mg of Trazodone but added 5mg of Melatonin. Right off the bat I got a great night's sleep but by day 3 I was back to being up for 3 hours in the middle of the night. Yesterday I dropped down to 50mg Wellbutrin in the morning, still 100mg more in the afternoon. And at night 25mg Trazodone and 7.5mg melatonin-- had the best night of sleep in months! I hope for a repeat tonight. Gonna continue the 5 week titration and then decide what to do at that point. Thanks everyone for your support.
  8. Wish it was going smoother for you. The whole world of antidepressants is so far from an exact science. And we are the poor guinea pigs I've read this from other people and experienced it myself with all the AD meds I've tried-- the improvement curve is a little wavy. I remember calling the doc at week 6 to see if it was time to throw in the towel-- he said give it a couple weeks or even a month more to judge. If I had no medical advice I'd have quit and moved on to another medication but he was right to tell me to wait cuz a couple weeks later there was pretty good consistency. Now, around week 16 I have a bad few minutes or so but that's it. I hope things improve for you soon.
  9. With the standard ymmv warning-- my experience was that once Wellbutrin started working well on my depression it was still a few more weeks til that hangover feeling went away. ps- coffee helps reverse some of that groggy feeling in the morning for me
  10. 50g of Trazodone is wiping me out so I'm gonna halve that and supplement with 2.5mg of Melatonin and see if that's any better. On the bright side-- I've had 2 good nights of sleep in a row. The saga continues
  11. Thanks for the info folks. 25mg doesn't work at all and last night I took 50mg and still only got 3 hours of sleep. I'm not giving up on it yet though. This morning the hangover feeling wasn't bad, which was nice. Regarding the rash, aka SJS syndrome-- the doctor did warn me in no uncertain terms and told me to look it up online. Yikes! Thanks for mentioning it.
  12. Good news bad news: the good is that 50mg makes me sleep well. Bad news is 25mg doesn't. Slightly not good news is I'm pretty hazy in the morning after that 50g dose. Hopefully I can get used to that and not let it slow me down. Yesterday I asked the doctor about staying on the Wellbutrin/Trazodone regimen. He and I were both ready to begin making the (really really long) switch to Lamictal but between the good sleep and stuff I heard from you guys here I felt it's definitely worth at least staying the course for a while. I'm a little worried that I'll need to take Trazodone every night though because Wellbutrin obliterates my ability to fall asleep. Before about 10 days ago I always fell asleep easily but got up after a couple hours and had trouble going back to sleep. Actually the first several weeks on Wellbutrin I was able to sleep just fine. Now it just keeps me up all night. Thank you Trazodone Maybe this will help someone-- my titration instructions (slow because all these medications hit me really hard). This is the plan if I change from Wellbutrin to another AD. Now I take 200mg in the morning and 100mg in the afternoon. Goes like this: first week 100mg each morning and afternoon. Second week reduce one or the other [am/pm] by 50mg. Week three reduce the opposite time by 50mg. When I get to 50/50mg I'd start up on the Lamictal. This slow titration is partly because I had a headache and was angry for fully 3 months the last time I weened off an AD medication. Also it's to be clearer on what the new medication is doing. Switching right over makes it hard to know if the changes are from the old med or new.
  13. 5 years- that's outstanding news. I hated it when Celexa stopped working for me. If I could rely on Trazadone that'd be a really big deal. Weight gain is something I want desperately to avoid. I'm moving well in the opposite direction (10 pounds lost in the last month, about 20 more to lose) now so I gotta keep that going. Pdoc phone appointment is in an hour
  14. Thanks for another vote of Trazadone confidence. Since it worked well last night I'm definitely willing to keep trying it. Wellbutrin is working well for my depression and going thru another weeks or even months long break-in period with a new AD med just to see if it works... not appealing.
  15. Thanks for the support. Wow- last night I took the whole 50mg like I said and I slept like a log straight thru the night- 9 solid hours Haven't done that in months. It's a fair assumption that the giant sleep debt I built up had something to do with that heavenly night but maybe all I need is to take the whole 50mg to sleep. However that experiment turns out-- after I talk to the doctor today there's gonna be an alternative on deck in case Trazadone doesn't continue to help me sleep. Lamictal maybe- that looks like a good candidate and doesn't have any big conflicts with my health situation.
  16. I became an expert pill splitter after heart surgery last year. I left the hospital with 10 different medications to take. Had to make a spreadsheet I'm sorry to report that I didn't sleep but an hour last night. It was rough. Tomorrow I have a phone appointment with my doctor and we'll try to come up with a new AD medication so, hopefully, I won't need anything to help me sleep. It's sad because Wellbutrin has worked great for the depression. Regardless-- tonight I'll take a whole 50mg pill and hope for some relief.
  17. Last night was worse than the night before. I hope to report that Trazadone works. I have the same 50mg pills that need to be cut in half. Apparently the risk of QT prolongation is not a problem with small doses.
  18. Thanks for that. I was so happy with the Gabapentin... until last night. I was up for about 4 hours in the middle of the night. I already sent a message asking my cardiologist if I can try Trazadone It has the potential for QT prolongation so that might mean I can't take it.
  19. I sure hope it works for you like it has been for me. I know what you mean about not taking too many meds. Cholesterol, clopidigrel, wellbutrin and now gabapentin... a regular pharmacy over here I'm looking at my medication notes here and I started at only 75mg, then up to 150mg a week later. After a month it was increased to 225mg. Notes say I was dizzy and spacey intermittently a couple days later. A week later I changed from extended to sustained release- not sure if that made any difference at all. Still sleepless at night and tired during the day. Then a few days later he put me at 100mg in the am and 200mg more in the afternoon. Within about 2 weeks I was feeling better. Sleep didn't improve til last week (week 13) when I started gabapentin. That's my little journey. I'm not saying you should up your dose but maybe ask your doctor in another week or so if there's no change. I waited a month and maybe if I'd increased sooner I'd have felt better sooner.
  20. The improvement wasn't perfectly consistent with me- along the way there were days like you just had that popped up after several good days. Shoulda mentioned that in my post- sorry. Regarding dosage- does your doctor have any suggestion there? This is from Mayo Clinic for extended release: At first, 150 mg once a day in the morning. Your doctor may adjust your dose as needed. However, the dose is usually not more than 450 mg per day. If you can find any similarity between our situation here's my quick background- 57 years old, 200 pounds, all the 5 or 6 SSRI and SNRIs I've tried, including Wellbutrin and Vybrid, made soooo tired for the first couple weeks. Eventually this side effect lessened. With Wellbutrin I got the boost of energy after about 10 weeks and it hasn't gone away. Unfortunately that stimulating effect started keeping me up at night. That eventually led to Gabapentin- it's been great for 8 days now. I'm sleeping thru the night and the days have been pretty darn good. Hope this helps
  21. Hi- hopefully it'll get better for you soon. I can share my experience since it's fresh- I've been taking Welbutrin for about 14 weeks. I didn't get much out of it for quite a while, aside from sleepiness you got. I called the doctor after 3 weeks of no real improvement and he said give it at least a month and it could be as much as 8 weeks to see results. He said for most of his patients on Welbutrin it's more like 4 weeks. Since everyone's different there's no pat answer. I started on 100mg and ramped up to 300mg (200 in the morning and 100 in the afternoon). Anyhow- in my case I got nothing until 8 weeks and then bam- I was relaxed and no more semi-constant angry and lazy. Then 2 weeks later I got some energy back- quite a bit in fact. I know that's a long time... really I know but since I'm not working because of Covid I agreed to the long wait my doc suggested. Happy I did. Hope this helps.
  22. Update: I tried Ambien for 2 nights and it didn't work much. And of course it left me groggy the next couple of days. Spoke with my doctor and we decided to try Silenor at night not only to help with sleep but hopefully to enhance the antidepressant effect. I did get a little more easy going the last few days but sleep... no. Still up in the middle of the night with RLS, sometimes for a few hours. Gonna move on to Gabapentin next.
  23. Still here rosemaryreborn? If so- could you share your experience after you posted this? I feel bad you never got a response but I goes we can chalk that up to 'everyone reacts differently' Anyhow- I'm going thru the same thing you did but with Welbutrin. 12 weeks in and I've all but stopped sleeping. Can't accept that so I need to do something. Thanks
  24. I'm back seeking help again. I speak to my doctor tomorrow so some kind of change is going to happen. Welbutrin, even though it helps my depression, has wrecked my sleep. Even Ambien didn't help last night. Ambien was my first try at sleep aids but I think the stimulating effect of the bupropion is just too much. And I really really don't want to rely on a pill for sleep plus there isn't one that fits the bill with all my health issues. They include apnea, one kidney (functions well though), recent aortic valve replacement (also functioning well) and fear of becoming addicted to a sleep aid. I read a couple posts about people returning to a medication that worked in the past but eventually stopped working so they moved on to other medications. Celexa is the only one I've had good success with but it started to wear off about about a year (as mentioned above). I slept well on it too. Welbutrin has this stimulating effect so my doctor thought it was the best next thing to try. 12 weeks later I can't sleep and need to try something else. Any thoughts about returning to a previous medication after a year off (roughly)?
  25. Please please get to a doctor. Explain the situation or simply read what you just posted to the doctor.
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