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  1. Thanks for your support @Extremebeginner. I have since been reviewed by my psychs and conducted some brain readings, it's a little too complicated for me to understand, but they explained how the medication was effecting my brainwaves and how it was making me sick. Not a good match for me. I have stopped taking all medication at this stage, as I am having positive outcomes with therapy.
  2. The past few days have been the toughest i've had in a while. I feel so overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness and guilt, it just makes me want to cry. My medication was changed up last week from 300mg Sertraline to 30mg Cymbalta (up to 60mg after 1 week) + 25mg Valdoxan, because the Sertraline stopped working on me like six months ago. I couldn't even get past the first day before stopping. I felt so nauseous that I vomited and my head was so dizzy and cloudy I couldn't get any work done. I haven't re-started yet because I'm afraid I can't deal with the side effects of the new medication, but i'm just an absolute mess without it.
  3. Received an email saying another job application was rejected. I was already anxious from going out to the local shops to get some food, the email just pushed me over the edge.
  4. They put me on 300mg in September last year. It didn't work out so well in the end, turns out it put my brain into overdrive which wasn't helpful for my anxiety. Have only just gone back down to 200mg in the past month.
  5. I'm in the same boat, have been struggling with motivation at work. Had a horrible boss last year who absolutely destroyed me (since moved to a different part of the company) ... He's gone but I just can't shake the apathy.
  6. Has been a while since I posted. Today was a particularly bad day. Feeling absolutely worthless.
  7. I started at 50mg, to 100mg and finally to 200mg over about six months.
  8. Hi I'm Civil, new to the forums. Officialy diagnosed with dysthymia and on 200mg Sertraline daily. Having a super bad day today, hence my googling that lead to these forums. Nice to meet you...
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