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    Animals, reading mostly non-fiction, taking walks (don't have a car!) happily retired since 2016, live alone with Piper, my cat, (Biscuit just passed in May 2021) Been sober in AA for a long time and still attend meetings every week. Taking medication for depression for 30 years.

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  1. Cymbalta, lamictal, wellbutrin and talking to someone who understands depression. Petting my cat, talking to her and just taking care of her.
  2. That is a huge step. Congratulations!!! Walking through my fear is the only way I ever change.
  3. Hi Charlee, I'm very sorry for the recent loss of your beloved cat. Grief is one of the most difficult feelings. I wanted to tell you I am missing my little Biscuit who was 10 years. She went to heaven 6 weeks ago and it is so hard. She and I were so close. She was my confidant, best friend and my baby. I cry when I think of her not being here and I probably always will. Try to not expect so much from yourself if you can. You deserve to feel better about yourself. Your going through a lot in your life from everything I read here. I've learned that I have always had totally unrealistic expectations for myself and for others too. You are as good as anyone else even if you get nervous about a hair appointment. I can relate to that and to having fears about many things that someone else might take for granted. But other people have fear, doubt and insecurities. Maybe to different degrees. My feelings are intense whether they are anxiety, angry, sadness or happy etc. This is a world filled with flawed people. many of us dealing with different degrees of mental illness trying to make the best of the day. When I remember I'm as good as anyone else, not better or less than, I have a chance at a pretty good day. In spite of myself.
  4. I have been on it for almost 2 years. It helped the depression at 60mg. but then it seemed to not be helping enough so I began to taper. The woman who was assisting me had me get of it in 2 weeks. I was not aware I could have withdrawal and that's what happened. I thought it was the flu and after 2-3 weeks of intense anxiety, being neaseous. Vomited a few times, not able to eat, paranoid it was terrible. I started back on it and I was again helped to get off it but with a pharmacologist who lowered the dose very slow. I did not have bad withdrawal but when I got to 40mg. I realized it was helping my back pain so I went back to 60mg because it helps the pain a lot. For depression she increased it to 90mg. and it had made a big difference in my mood and back pain. I also take a low dose of lamical and wellbutrin in addition to it. I think it's a good medicine but if you stop taking it go very slowly so the withdrawal causes minimal trouble. I've heard if you take prozac with cymbalta when stopping it, the withdrawal will be less painful. Everyone has different body chemistry but if you have physical pain plus depression cymbalta could possible be worth trying.
  5. Dear Clean Liver, Make sure you lower the dose very slowly. It may take several weeks or more to stop taking it without the negative symptoms. If you have a pharmacologist that can tell you how to lower the dose slowly, it should be manageable. I had a terrible time the first time I tried to stop the cymbalta because the woman who was supposed to be helping me taper off did not know what she was doing. I will do anything to avoid that again. I'm pretty sure Cymbalta has 60, 40, 30, and 20mg pills but no 10mg. which if they had the 10mg. it would be easier to stop. The reaction I got was dizziness, nausea, anxiety and fear but not everyone gets the same problems with it. I thought it was the flu because I never experienced it before and did not know about the problem of stopping it too fast. I got a pharmacologist the 2nd time I lowered the dose and it was much better. I am back on it now because it helps my back pain. She increased it from 60mg to 90mg for depression which is the main reason I started it to begin with. Good luck to you and keep in touch! Kim
  6. I've been on wellbutrin, lamictal, and cymbalta. My depression is better but I still have some awful days. Not a lot but when they come they are so bad. The cymbalta turned out to help long standing back pain. I'm increasing the cymbalta from 60mg to 90mg hoping it will help the depression. It seems you have found the right combination of meds. for you. Try to enjoy the relief you are having, you deserve it.
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