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  1. Hi, I believe the others have given good advise, work to find yourself and find a therapist. Finding yourself is part of the journey, as for the therapist, they are good at helping work your way to it, and through the bumps so that you can heal over the past hurts and focus on getting to where you want to be
  2. I think for a start you might want to just focus on you. If you were not enough for the guy to stay then you never will be unfortunately. As for the woman she is threatened by you thats why she constantly attacks. Best thing for everyone is to move on. Find something you like to do and use that to take your mind off it. Time can heal but you need to give yourself that time, hence the focus on something else.
  3. Im sorry to read this, makes what im experiencing very trivial, hope you find some good people to help. Its hard when family and friends turn their backs on you. stay strong for the kids as they will be the ones that live with what happens. hope you find a way to move on from your situation
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