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  1. It's real nice that thing you're most concerned about is the effect you're having on others. I been in the depths of darkness too, and I somehow come out of it. I don't know how I'm healing exactly but there are some things that are obvious. Living in your heart pulls you out of the abyss. Saying "I LOVE YOU" to yourself in your mind, say it regularly, say it with passion if you can. Thank God and the universe for the resolution that has not yet manifest, thank God for everything, everything you don't like about your existence, thank God for it and really mean it, like you've chosen it. Darkness it born of resistance and rejection, when you resist the darkness it grows. Embracing it whole heartedly transmutes it into light. Everything you have a problem with, you can begin to embrace it as if you had chosen it, you see the whole nature of it transforms as you come into acceptance. You're no longer a victim of circumstances, now the circumstances whatever way they are and appear, they empower you. The depression lifts as you align yourself with the intent of your soul, like what you really deep down want. Helping people through volunteering at a homeless shelter or something like that, if it triggers a surge of inspiration in you and the depression lifts, this gives you a clue that maybe what your soul wants involves helping people. If you look deep in your heart, you will see that deep down, you do want to help people, you want all to be well with others. This is the universal intent of the heart.
  2. Something that works for healing this is praying and gratitude. The numbness and apathy and anhedonia is self created, it's a defense mechanism. You know how some people when they been hurt badly they close their hearts to protect themselves. This is an extreme form of that. The way to heal it is to choose (not just on a conscious level, this choice needs to go deep into the subconscious too) that it is safe to feel again. Loving ourselves is the most powerful medicine for this, if we truly love ourselves on all levels, things like anhedonia, numbness, apathy and dissociation are healed. The numbness protects us from having to look at and feel certain things that exist within ourselves, acceptance is the medicine.
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