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  1. I want to delete this post
  2. Thank you. During really bad moments I look for YouTube videos that always end up reminding me not to resist. I have to remember that one. Feel whatever’s happening and maybe not jump to text or call someone for consolation. I don’t know but it’s been too long now, perhaps it’s more of a personality or deep rooted trauma issue. Hopeful to hear you got better
  3. Thank you. You mentioned psyche. I’ve been learning a bit of jungian psychology and even went to 1 session of psychoanalysis..but afterward I thought my mood and outlook were too urgent for long ,drawn out talks about dreams And such. Maybe I’m wrong I don’t know.
  4. Hello i don’t want to go into a long winded post but hoped I could find some connection here and vent. Unfortunately I’ve burdened everyone I know. I’m torturing my sister, my friends, I call crisis lines and they do very little to help. All that gives me a slight relief is taking some Tranquilizers. I used to very much enjoy going for long walks in nature, by the water, I tried the other day and could barely walk more than 5 minutes when I turned back because it doesn’t interest me anymore. id already come out of a long lasting Illness and was only last fall getting my life and work back together and not everything is up in the air. Uncertainty I’m used to but I think I see a darker picture now and cannot cope this time . I cannot deal with being alone anymore and being isolated. I have no energy to do anything except for eat and smoke. It’s the worst I’ve ever been and I feel Like not being awake most of the time. Torture. My sister said maybe to go to the hospital but I’m not suicidal, so what will the point be. Probably just catch the virus. I don’t even think they set you up with therapists faster or I might consider it. Life has been hell for the past decade and now there’s an even lower abyss I’ve crawled into. The only semi thing that was of interest , a light in the dark were a two concerts Of my favourite band in the fall which will inevitably be cancelled.
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