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  1. I found Buspar an okay supplement to an antidepressant. I only used it for a few months.
  2. Tofranil and Elavil are about the best I've had for reducing my anxiety. I have OCD. They might say PTSD, also. I'm an extreme night owl and in 46 years few psychiatrists have understood that I'm just a night owl. These old "tricyclic antidepressants" help me sleep earlier, but a bit excessively. Ambien is the best for push-button sleep. Anyway. I was in an ER room having a breakdown in 1986. I overheard the psychiatrist tell someone I did not need to be on the neuroleptic the poor people's psych clinic had me on (Prolixin). I suggested Elavil and he gave me that. I had not been on it in a long time. It relaxed me on the spot.
  3. Tofranil, Elavil, they really lift my mood. I tried several SSRI's and a SSNRI and all they did was keep me from sinking into anxiety and depression. None of them lifted my mood. When I was a teen, my psychiatrist seemed to have no concept of OCD, and had a need to see everything in terms of schizo this or that. (Maybe because of the drug rep?) So he steered me away from them when they were what I needed. That was in the 70's. When I had a breakdown in 2007 another shrink put me on Cymbalta. I used it for 2 years then tried Zoloft and related drugs. Getting off was difficult. Now I'm on Tofranil and happy. I say it has no more, or less, side effects than the newer antidepressants said to have less side effects. Anyone else like the old tricyclics?
  4. I love Ambien. It's worth the trouble. What bothers some about it can be entertaining to others, specifically, the visual distortions it would cause the first years I took it. I have to take another drug to stay asleep after it wears off after 6 hours, or I feel bad the next day. My tricyclic antidepressant does that. Love it.
  5. I'm in my sixties. Had OCD since childhood. Misdiagnosed a lot in the 70's and 80's. Things aren't as bad as when I was young, but this covid stuff is messing with all my coping techniques. Foolsgold
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