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  1. Does anyone have a teen on Wellbutrin for depression? My daughter (13 yr) has been on Zoloft for 8 months now and the depression and anxiety have not lifted much. She doesn’t like the blah feeling of being on meds (25mg of Zoloft - we’ve tried higher doses as well) so the doc suggested augmenting with Wellbutrin. I cringe having to put her on 2 medications but seeing her not want to leave her room except when I drag her out for a walk everyday is a concerning. She has isolated from friends, neglecting basic hygiene and is unmotivated to do anything. Yes, she is 13 and these years can be tough, but something isn’t right if this feeling hasn’t lifted at all yet. She says she likes the feeling of being depressed and will not take her meds if I’m not standing in front of her making sure they are taken. I can’t find a lot of research out there with teens on Wellbutrin or a combo of Wellbutrin and an SSRI for this age. Thank you.
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