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  1. Hello, My friend was married to narcissist for 6.5 years and not long ago they divorced. Also about that time her father died and all this was too much for her to handle and left her with PTSD and destroyed her emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She thinks she is irreparable. She does want to live because there is no point as she says. She has sleep problems too. I don't know how to talk to her because mostly all she thinks about dying however I have a hope for her because she still tries to do something about her sleep like biking, she also started taking Melatonin recently. She also works out sometimes to lose weight. Another thing that gives me hope that she can recover is that there are narcissistic abuse victims who recover and say it is possible if one has willingness and strength to recover. Can anyone help here? Maybe there are narcissistic abuse victims here too who can give some advice? Thanks.
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