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  1. they say there are five stages of grief. denial. anger. bargaining. depression. acceptance. supposedly people move through them and move on. supposedly. what happens when you're stuck? what happens when all the air in your lungs is meaningless because you couldn't complete the task? nobody knows because nobody bothers to ask about the task itself. you're expected to check off each box, and not look back so you can heal. eventually helping is obsolete; you give up on the task itself and you stop checking the boxes. you stop caring about the basic things, and shut everybody out but nobody notices; you've gotten too good at hiding it. you want to be alone but cant because you're afraid of what your own mind will tell you to do. people say you don't matter and they're probably right, but it still doesn't matter. you didn't complete the task, and you didn't check the boxes and nobody cares. you don't need them to care but it would be nice. you've gotten used to being alone, so you have no problem being lonely. air is irrelevant, when no one tells you to breathe.


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