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  1. Hey Violet. I've had smell and taste issues for a long time. However I'm sure smoking is part of the cause.ive cut down alot. But quitting is worse than heroin. Smoking does help my mind. My therapist says that alot of people with mental illness smoke because it gives a grounding effect. I know it's bad and im making excuses. I will quit when I'm ready. Anyway thanks for feedback. By the way no virus. No symptoms anyway just had a ton of bloodwork and everything is normal.
  2. Every morning I wake up numb mentally and physically. Lack of smell and taste. I try and do what therapist recommends but it is torture when you dont feel well. The anxiety eventually turns to frustration and anger. Which lasts a couple hours.Its exhausting and by 10am I'm wiped out. Anyone else have this issue?oh by the way I cant smell or taste to well. Which I'm sure doesnt help.
  3. Hey guys sorry was away for a while. I appreciate all the feedback . I am absolutely burnt out from anxiety from all this shit on the news. This world is now officially insane. Gotta stop watching. My anxiety was so high the other day in the supermarket I swore people were talking about me. I'm afraid one day I'm gonna just drop dead from a heart attack or stroke. Anyone else feeling this? It's tough on everyone I'm sure. Some more so.
  4. Thanks 20.I appreciate it. I'm gonna work on that. She is very supportive. And we are starting to communicate better. Cant ignore this stuff and not talk about it. It starts to effect us both. How are you doing?
  5. Thank you! Yes I think life circumstances could be part of the problem. I feel stupid now bringing up this topic. Because I should be doing things that are healthier. The problem is doing it. It's hard when you dont feel good or have annhedonia.
  6. My psychiatrist said that none of my meds should cause it. I've been on alot of diff ones.Coffee gives me more anxiety lol. I'm a complicated case all my shrinks have said. Maybe it all goes back to childhood. Anyway thanks for the replies. Oh clean and sober 12 years 😃👍
  7. I'm a 48 Male I've been dealing with major depression disorder and generalized anxiety disorder most of my life. I have absolutely no libido no thoughts nothing. Testosterone is good. I feel bad for my younger wife. Any suggestions? Thanks
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