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  1. Don't think we're gonna leave you, if you do, your wrong. I know there are a hecking lot of nasty people out there, (like my ex) and Jaelyn, and, I could go on and on but that wouldn't help. I know for certain I don't want you to die, and as a matter of fact, I don't think anyone here does.
  2. Just don't saw off your finger!! I have a pretty tight friend group, and the three of us love each other to pieces. But I do have a larger friend group where yes, friends come and go. I got a hoverboard last night but it was super late so I can't ride it but I can today! Just gotta beg it to be just like my sis's!!!!!!!
  3. Your right, I have a super tight friend group, and the the three of us wouldn't be complete without each other. I am a gift to them and they are gifts to me. I love the idea of this thread.but that defiantly does not mean we are the same, we all have our struggles, I have some problems with attitude and depression. And they have their problems. Life is full of people and only one you.
  4. I am going through a time with my dog where I don't know what on earth is going on. The paw lines round his pads are very bloody for unknown reasons, and he licks them a lot. He is staying positive and will have a get appointment soon, but I am scared for him, and he is being so positive, I ask for prayers for Merlen right now.
  5. Thanks for the help, Prycejosh, but I am the devil, not saying your post wasn't uplifting though!
  6. Thanks for the help, Prycejosh, but I am the devil, not saying your post wasn't uplifting though!
  7. Yeah, good way to put our pet's love for us JD4010. Had to give my dog a bath today cuz he ate something dead, and he HATES water. He is a good, loyal boy and did it for us. (And bec we fed him 4 treats) But they really DO show unconditional love for us.
  8. I feel the same way, when I was nine, my best friend (A friendly barn cat named Turtle after the turtle chocolate) went out on a hunt with her first litter of kittens that I accidentally discovered. She never came back, and she didn't decide she wanted to be wild because she already kind of was, and she wouldn't leave a newborn litter of kittens alone because she wasn't that kind of mother. I miss her even though it was a long time ago, and it is safe to presume she died. Her mother faced the same fate, and just after Turtle's first litter, her only brother was hit by a car. He was an uncle for 2 weeks before he died. Turtle wasn't sassy like most cats, she let me learn and she was a loyal friend for many years. I know how you feel, and Missie sounded like a loyal, good friend. RIP Missie.
  9. This is actually a pretty active forum! It is only the 2nd I've created!
  10. Maybe you should try. I mean if it goes wrong, it goes wrong, but why not try it?I feel like one of those coaches from kindergarten whose like "Yeah, everything is gonna be awesome"😆. But it might not be, so be prepared.
  11. I've been doing a lot of things, eating and drinking and breathing.(I am in a surprisingly good mood today, why not crack a joke?)
  12. might as well create something to share stuff we've been doing, right?
  13. 🙂 yeah, nice to know people understand. Thanks.
  14. you're in a bit of a hot spot there, be responsible or something before telling him, try to show him you can take care of yourself.
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