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  1. It's been a while so I don't know how you are doing now, but I'll still answer your question. Bremelanotide is a mélanocyte stimulating hormone, which means it binds to the Melanocortin receptor in your brain and activates them. Through this activation there is an aphrodisiac effect, the problem is that the melanocortin receptors (especially the 4th and 5th subtype of this receptor) are involved in depression, and cause a very strong anhedonia. While this doesn't happen in most people it can happen, with, as you experienced first hand dramatic effects that resemble intense depression and apathy. To solve this problem, cbt and other methods won't work that well since you have a biological problem and not a psychological one. ECT is a good option since it allows the brain to remodel itself, CBT and mindfulness can help cope with some of the symptoms. The best option is to take an melanocortin receptor antagonist (Bremelanotide is a receptor agonist which means it activates the receptor, an antagonist does the opposite: it blocks the receptor). Melanocortin antagonists were being build in the eighties as treatments for depression with extreme efficiency but a couple problems: MIF-1 the first Melanocortin antagonist discovered is a natural peptide (peptide is a smaller version of a protein vaguely speaking) that blocks the melanocortin receptor and is very promising as a treatment for depression: sub-cutaneous doses of 10mg for 5 days can completely remove depression. The problem is that it can't be patented, so pharmaceutical companies won't produce it since it would cost a lot of money to research it's effects with very little money to be made. The other problem is that it has to be injected to work (you can also take it orally but you would have to take 5 times the dose, about 50mg a day for 5 days) so it has no economic value since it is a known fact in the medical community that people don't follow the treatment guidelines when the drug is not given orally. The reason it cannot be easily given orally is that since it is a peptide (small protein) it will be destroyed by your gut/liver enzymes, this is the reason you need to take a higher dose, the problem is that people don't produce the same amount of enzymes so you can either get too much of the product or too little. But you can still buy it on other websites: https://shop.bachem.com/peptides/mif-1-melanocyte-stimulating-hormone-release-inhibiting-factor-and-analogs/4000343.html The problem is that the purity of the compound is not pharmaceutical grade and therefore it cannot and SHOULD NOT be injected in the body. If you still struggle with depression to this day you could try to take it orally. By the way this protocol works on any form of depression (not just caused by anhedonia). If I had to do it this is how I would: Buy yourself a milligram accurate scale. Buy 250mg of MIF-1 (or more if it is the only option available) in powdered form. For 5 days in a row (not more not less) you take every day (preferably as far away from eating so maybe between breakfast and lunch) 50mg of MIF-1, which you dissolve in water beforehand so that you don't have to eat powder. I am a medical student but not a doctor, so I cannot prescribe you anything. You should absolutely do your own research before taking anything. Hope it helped!!
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