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  1. I wish I could ask for help outside of anonymity, but that's not something I'm capable of. I've done everything in my power to manage depression on my own and have actually been fairly successful. The worst part of it kicked off around 12 years ago, so I've done well in the interim, I think. For the most part, I'm fine - practically all the time now. The thing is, every now and then, it just shows back up and puts me back into the same hole that it did years ago. It's the exact same feelings that burnt me for what felt like forever back then. Every time it hits, it feels worse though. Timeline-wise, the events are fewer and farther between, but every single one is worse than the last, and my ability to handle a bad day with depression is certainly wearing thin through the years. Is it possible that it'll just stop, maybe on it's own? I just am not sure about what route I may be going, you know, like what happens if I can't handle a bad day kind of thing, because everything comes back. I am getting better and better at managing how I deal with the feelings to avoid getting into a bad place mentally, but things happen and sometimes it's unavoidable, and then that fire just ignites itself. I know it's such a complex thing, and that everybody experiences it differently, but like it's been a lot of years and it's not gone. It still comes back, I just want it to go away for good kind of thing... Is it possible, or just something I have to manage forever?
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