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  1. Anyone had any luck with ADD meds for depression? Ritalin or Adderall for example? Been suffering from bad depression and emotional numbness for 8 months.
  2. Has anyone recovered from a severe depressive bipolar episode? I had a manic episode and have been depressed after for 8 months. i had a couple suicide attempts and now have just started zoloft a month ago may add wellbutrin. Anyone who is bipolar gotten to the other side of a bipolar depressive episode?
  3. I have been suffering from emotional numbness and depression after a manic episode 8 months ago. Had a couple suicide attempts. Ive read that wellbutrin can make people angry or have crying fits? Is this anyones experience? I know these seem like negatives but I see this as a positive or step in the right direction since I am so emotionally flat. Also getting sexual side effects from zoloft.
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