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  1. I, too, had severe anxiety (as I have had for the previous three months) when I began taking Cymbalta for the first time today. Within one-half hour of my first dosage, I have almost no symptoms of anxiety, maybe zero. I am shocked that my panicky anxiety virtually disappeared with one dose. A sick feeling has overcome me, however, which I hope will subside (nauseousness, sleepy, stomach ache, clamminess, no energy).
  2. I just started taking Cymbalta today and my experience was the same as yours. I was shocked that my anxiety was eradicated immediately as I had never read this was a possibility. And, like you, I was also in a 24/7 state of non-stop horrific painful panic when I began taking Cymbalta today -- as I had been for the past several months. So relief of unrelenting anxiety was a dream. I thought I would be waiting a minimum of two weeks for a wait-and-see moment. I'm curious as to why the possibility of instant anxiety elimination is not better known in the literature.
  3. Reading your post, I feel for you. Am I correct in assuming withdrawal is not a concern if Cymbalta is used for a lifetime? I just started taking Cymbalta today. I'm assuming those who are experiencing withdrawal have decided Cymbalta isn't working for them so they are ceasing use. Is this correct? With so many withdrawal posts, I'm assuming Cymbalta is not working for a number of people. I suffer from extreme depression and anxiety so if this RX works, I hope I can keep using it and thus, will never need to experience withdrawal.
  4. Your English is near perfect. You write much better than many whose mother language IS English. As far as sweating, I just started using Cymbalta today and I'm experiencing the need to vomit. I feel horrible, but I hope this feeling goes away. As far as sweating, I've read different blogs on this subject and I think the sweating goes away after the first two weeks. I hope so.
  5. Thanks for letting us know! I thought sweating might go on forever. I was relieved to see your reply.
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