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  1. Okay a fun post I wanna put out there- Time to gush and silently scream! AAAALKDJ;ljlsdkjf;lakjf;lasklkAKDLKJLKFJL!!!!! I was JUST browsing Instagram. My new celeb crush has been very quiet lately, and his posts haven't been that interesting or frequent. But today, he posted a 'throwback' video of himself hip-hop dancing on a music and dance TV program sometime in the 90's. He must have been late teens or 20 then. It was a pretty popular show I remember watching and he was one of those backup hip-hop dancers performing while a pop singer was singing. (I won't give away who that pop singer was) So that's something ELSE I just learned of his life in showbiz! God, he was adorable! Dripping with cute! I happen to love hip-hop dance and my daughter's pretty good at it, lol. You better believe I tapped that 'like' heart on my phone. MY GOD! )
  2. @starbucksjunkee It's great that you are feeling messages from God. I wish I had more clear messages from God, at least in verbal word form. It sounds like you had some past problems with relationships with men. If that is the case it's sounding like you are idealizing men who have the good traits you admire. I do that as well, even though I'm in a long term relationship with someone who's actually very decent. In fact, I once idealized my own husband in the early years, and when I learned all his faults- not bad things, just normal flaws- then I went through a period where I 'fell out of love' with him. Relationships can be complicated that way. From your post, I take it that you have fallen in love with your therapist/therapist's assistant? That sounds tough. It would suck, I'm so sorry. Sometimes you might hear a rare story of a therapist and patient getting married, but usually that kind of relationship is discouraged. The only way to fix it would have him *not* be your therapist, a social friend instead. Feel free to vent here, this thread is so welcoming and supportive!
  3. I'm pre-menopausal in my 40's. I've been on Buproprion for 6 months and my periods have gone whacko! I skipped November through January. In February nearly the whole month was one bloody period with terrible cramps! In March so far I had a week long, very heavy period. I don't have much of a libido lately, and I don't think the Wellbutrin helped that improve at all.
  4. Hello out there- I'm glad I found and read through this topic on a forum. I have what could be called a 'celebrity obsession,' although I don't think I'm obsessed with him yet, and he's not a very famous celebrity. He's a little-known actor who I happened to find and follow on Instagram months ago, just because he did voiceover commercials. About a year ago, I was constantly hearing this ad on the radio. Normally, I HATE radio ads! I want to hear music. And-- (This is crazy!!) I started to fall in love with the guy's voice. Don't ask, LOL, I don't understand how I managed to fall in love with a random man's voice. That led to me Googling the commercial information, and I found a few video commercials with the actor playing the same 'role' as the radio ads, same voice! He's definitely a nice-looking guy, close to my age when I assumed he was much younger. He looks younger than he is, I guess! I learned his name right away, and I found his Instagram account. I followed him, since I follow about 300 random people I don't personally know, usually authors, photographers, and minor actors. It's fun to follow these artistic and talented people. I'm a wife and mom with a dull career, married for almost 16 years. I have dabbled in photography, theater, and writing myself, so I follow these people's social media. I often feel jealous I can't make a living doing what they do. But that's a whole other story. After some more snooping and searching about this commercial actor- I know you can relate- I learned that he once acted as a child in a movie, made about 30 years ago. It was one of those wholesome, musical family-friendly films. He was just one young boy in a group of singing and performing kids, and he was never that famous. I found his IMDB page, and then I learned he did TV acting about 20 years ago, having a bit part in a well-known kids' show. It was a kids' show that my own daughter watched in reruns a few times. Once I found out he was a minor celebrity, I started paying more attention to his Instagram posts and started to fall into this completely immature crush on the guy! He's so down to earth and relatable. He's a Star Wars fan like me. He documents his life just like an average, ordinary Joe. He posts things about doing voiceovers, once he posted a clip of himself in that popular TV show, but he also posts cute videos about his handy do-it-yourself home projects. Two separate times I commented on his IG posts, just something polite and complimentary, and each time he liked my comments! I was on Cloud Nine each time! The reason I mentioned this is that while reading this whole thread, I saw that a lot of you are able to reach out and contact your "CO" on social media. You feel such a high, so ecstatic when they respond back to you. I felt this way from his liking my comments. For now, I don't know if this actor has a wife or not. I'm married. I know I should only be into my husband, who I've known 20 years. Celebrity crushes are supposed to be for teenagers screaming for Justin Beiber or the members of One Direction or whatever, LOL. Yet I'm struggling with this silly crush on this minor celebrity, even fantasizing that I'd lived in L.A. and could have met him. I'm not so much in love, but I'm infatuated. Now I'm trying to avoid going down the rabbit hole of searching for everything about him! It's not a very good emotional state to be in. I hope to find someone to talk to about this. Thanks.
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