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  1. Hello y'all, my name is Jay. I'm a 30 yr old dominican male, I been dealing with depression my whole life but been clinically diagnosed with it since 13 after suffering an anxiety driven panic attack that sent me to the hospital. I grew up very shy but have since sort of opened up more to the point some ppl know me as more social than what I actually am. I'm very self-concious, pretty insecure, & I can be socially awkward towards you if I don't know you. I only drink & don't smoke weed because it makes extremely anxious & self-concious. I been on & off medication since 13 (prozac, zoloft) I've had suicidal thoughts throughout my life a lot & especially now which prompted me to see if I can find help somewhere or talk to someone that could maybe feel my pain without judging because I choose to not share what really bothers me with anyone. I hope this forum helps me to find some peace within myself & I wish everybody whose been dealing with these severe issues the best also, Thank you.
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