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  1. Thanks for support. Better today, no tears anyway. Still down but not crashing...
  2. I'm so very sad right now, can't stop the tears. I've been struggling with depression and anxiety for years, had it under control and it came back this winter. I've been off work and struggling to get back under control. Covid-19 hasn't helped the situation either. I live in Canada and we have this Air Force stunt team called the Snowbirds that was doing flyovers all across the country. They were supposed to fly over my city tomorrow, but one of them crashed today and a person was killed. I know it's just simple gesture, but I was really looking forward to it. I haven't been able to stop crying since I found out. I'm just so filled with despair...
  3. In a really bad place right now. Came home at lunch time on Tuesday, crying. Called HR and said I need to take time off for my mental health. Seeing my doctor tomorrow. Seeing a psychologist again. Doctor put me on Clonazepam when I saw him 3 weeks ago. Pretty sure he's going to put me on stress leave tomorrow. Good lord, it seems like a sleeping giant has been waiting to come back and haunt me, but he's even bigger and stronger now. Where will I end up this time? Too much stress, in work, life, the world has me completely on edge. Must shut down my brain...
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