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  1. I understand that dealing with depression is very difficult no one can understand the pain what you are going through it is the difficult phase of the life.I suggest you to consult with a professional counselor with the help of a counselor you will definitely come out of with difficult phase of your life.I suggest you to consult with the Alliance Experiential Counseling once.
  2. Thanks for providing such useful information it help my sister to come out of stress
  3. I can totally understand that what you can feel as one of my close friend is also coping with the anxiety. He took the help from the professional counselors and now he is completely fine. I suggest you to take help from the professionals.
  4. In my opinion you should consult with a doctor or with professional counselor. As we are not the doctor's or the professional counselor that tell you which medications are good for you. Doctor's will tell you the exact medications that is good for you.
  5. Hey! all I am new to this forum and I wanted to say hello to everybody
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