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  1. my apologies in the initial post it said you were too fat and I interpreted it as such. so sorry!
  2. Does anyone suffer from loose skin?
  3. My mother behaves almost exactly this way and I have never considered that she might have an eating disorder but maybe she does.
  4. I’m not attracted to chiseled guys but appreciate more a softer body. I’m not sure if I’m alone in this but if he can’t get around to working out it is possible that if he remains open and keeps placing himself in situations where he is likely to meet women he might find someone who likes him just the way he is with time.
  5. Unfortunately I think there is a lot of burnout among staff in these areas that makes them expedite appointments through in a way that seems disregarding. If you had wanted therapy you should bring this up with them otherwise, it seems, they rely on something easy. We always have to be our best advocate, especially when it comes to mental health.
  6. And Paul McCartney in general!!!
  7. Professional sports except the Olympics...
  8. Love, marriage, having kids, fidelity, careerism, McMansions, diamonds, SUVs etc...etc...
  9. McDonalds and at home washers and dryers are underrated!!!
  10. I don’t think anyone knows exactly what causes delusions to happen but there are medications that can help. I would share your experience of delusions with your doctor or psychologist. They may be able to offer you some medications that will help the delusions go away.
  11. Thanks today started off low, these kind wishes definitely help.
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