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  1. Hey, mmd. I love to chat. If you need someone to talk to, hmu, man.
  2. Dioxeon


    I wouldn't mind joining one.
  3. Bodyweight training & abs. Maybe I'll go for some long walk back and forth in the hallway as well, lol.
  4. Hello, Kogent5. You are not alone. I am also isolating in a "toxic" household. To be more specific- there is one especially toxic person in my house that I am stuck with. I cannot give much detail, but it definitely feels restrictive. I'm coping by locking myself in a room and ignoring everyone. I'm always on the phone with a friend. Always "busy" doing something, perhaps working on a design project, learning a new line of code, reading something important, or revising my Japanese hiragana. I can only hope that this insanity ends soon, and you are set free from your abuser. Good luck, comrade.
  5. This is getting way out of hand. I still don't understand why it's toilet paper, of all things. There are so many alternatives for it. Do people not know how to use water, soap, towels, or whatever else?
  6. Hello, claudialaver. Welcome to the forums. Thanks for saying hello. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  7. A friend of mine dislikes sticky/slimy textures on her hands as well. You can consider switching to hand wipes instead.
  8. Thank you, BeyondWeary. Thankfully this forum does a good job of reminding me I'm not alone.
  9. Hello, Epictetus. Do not worry about being late. I appreciate the response Thank you.
  10. This quote: "Don't sweat the small stuff. And it's all small stuff." It worked to just have a "nothing really matters enough to bring up" type of attitude. Acknowledging the bad in your own head, but learning to disregard it, and see it as unimportant/futile. I'm a pessimist myself and am no longer as good at shrugging off negativity as I used to be. But, when I had that mentality, people questioned how I was always so "chill" about everything. How I could just sit back and laugh my problems off. How I never seemed upset or worked up about anything that happened.
  11. Hey there. It's great that your friend wants you to be a big part of her wedding like that. So, if you can manage, it might be a nice thing to do for her. I am sorry to hear things aren't going that well for you, however. I have two sisters, so I know how strict they can be about color-matching dresses at weddings. If the trip is too expensive for you, I think you should be excused - but if you go, I hope you have fun, at least. As for not having friends locally - I live in a small country of people whom I could not hope to get along with. I know the feeling. It's not pleasant, so, I am sorry. Things may seem pretty low now, and I cannot be present in your local area to give you someone to hang out with. However, if you ever need to talk, feel free to shoot me a message. I'll be happy to listen. Remember, things are ever changing. it may take time, but it won't be this way forever.
  12. Hi, Atra. I would love to belong to this found family. I am glad I found you too. It's good to be here.
  13. Thank you very much and thank you all for the warm welcome. I hope I can contribute positively with my stay.
  14. Hey, Pars. I hope you can find the help you are looking for. I, for one, would be happy to listen to you, if you ever needed to talk.
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