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  1. I've been sleeping most of the day today and yesterday. I just feel so tired lately.
  2. Day 48 Feeling crappy again. Is it possible to be bipolar without manic episodes?
  3. Day 47 Been feeling better since I stopped taking my "one a day" multivitamin.
  4. Am I being impatient by thinking that this stuff should be working by now? I’m realizing that I still spend most of my time depressed with thoughts of suicide. Is it possible that this particular medication just doesn’t work for me? I feel like it’s making me worse. Is that even possible? How long does this take?
  5. Day 45 With all of the negativity in the news lately I'm trying to stay positive. It's been a little difficult. Feeling better today and yesterday.
  6. Day 42 Unfortunately I spent most of yesterday looking at pictures of people that have hanged themselves. I started a strict diet yesterday because I feel that a lot of my depression stems from being overweight and having a negative self image. I'm a bit of a loner and being forced to stay at home with my wife, mother in law, and kid are taking their toll.
  7. Day 40. Nothing but dark thoughts this morning since I woke up. Can't stop thinking of different methods and acting out.
  8. Day 39 I walked 4 miles this morning and I'm feeling pretty good today so far. Anxiety is nearly non-existent when talking to people. As far as anxiety goes this medication works very well for me. Hopefully my baseline increases for depression.
  9. Thank you for your post JessieJake(GutRot)! I just now had a feeling of contentment. I noticed that the weather outside very much plays a roll in how I feel. If it's a dark grey day I'm more likely to be depressed. When the sun comes out from behind the clouds I suddenly feel like everything is going to be okay. I live near Seattle so the depressing weather just isn't good for me. I know what you mean about that pang in the stomach. I do feel that with Prozac my anxiety has gone down tremendously. The few times that I went out shopping I didn't have a sense of panic or anger in the store like I usually do. When I talk to others I feel just a little more free to speak my mind. Today is day 38.
  10. Day 35 - Dosage increase Yesterday after writing my post to the forums here I decided to also write to my Dr. Since I am still on a low dose they decided to up my dosage to 30mg. I'll keep updating here with my progress.
  11. Day 34 I didn't realize it has been a week since I've written on here. I feel spacier than usual. More forgetful. I have been experiencing some trouble going back to sleep after waking up around 1 or 3 am. That's the time of the day that my mind wants to contemplate life and scare myself about existence. I'm still depressed half the time. I still have thoughts of ending things. Half the time I feel like screaming. I feel like I'm crawling in my own skin. I will wait 4 more weeks then decide what to do.
  12. Day 27 Been dealing with a lot of depression still and anxiety seems elevated most of the day. It doesn't help that my wife and my daughter are both home for the next month due to coronavirus. Just having them around is making me more irritable than usual. I've been eating more than usual the past month and have gained about 5lbs.
  13. Thank you twotone. Today is a much easier day. I'm not sure what happened. I will try breathing exercises.
  14. Day 24 I've spent the last three days in a deep depression. Thoughts of suicide occupied my mind all day yesterday. I am finding my family to be very irritating and can't stand to be around them. I just need some quiet time by myself but won't get any since the schools are shut down now.
  15. My depression is back for now. Been crying and feeling sorry for myself again.
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