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  1. @sober4life I'm focusing on myself as well family and NOT paying any more attention to this virus matter. For now I know what I need to know about it so I'm good and set. How I see it it's really just making everyone go nuts and causing worry, panic, anxiety and people to act like idiot's My advice for everyone is to stop watching or talking about this if they struggle already with things. Making yourself stressed and constantly talking, reading, watching even thinking of all this can make you sick too. ( NOT with the virus sick )It's NOT good for anyone's health mentally and can affect physically as well. I LOVE animals more than people other than my family, family friends and help team. Though I do pray and hope for good things to happen to good people too I don't know out there. At this rate I'll just choose not to have any relations with people and stick to certain people in my life only. I had enough of this constant disappointment with people. I rather just be alone how society is becoming more and more sadly. From being hurt in so many ways by people I don't think for me personally I'd meet anyone good anymore. I may talk to them who knows though doubt to get close to them knowing for sure. I apologized this makes no sense.
  2. I had a really wonderful afternoon with my sister spending time together and watching a movie today.
  3. My views on this is matter is this. If the people in charge giving the news and sharing it with us, all types of government people the ones who are supposed to take care and protect us. Stop scaring people and making them panic all types of ways they are doing now by saying certain things to us. We would have a lot of this virus issues under control and not how it is now. My family and I are washing our hands a lot and doing what they say to do and of course taking good care of ourselves as well. That's all I can say I'm doing at least. I apologize I'm not knowledge about this matter and this is just my opinion on it.
  4. @Natasha1 I'm new here and don't know you really so I don't know what you're going through at the moment in your personal life. However I do know YOU come first before anyone even managing this forum. Managing and taking care of a forum or any website is a lot of work. So if in your personal life right now things are not good for you then please take care of YOURSELF first. We should ALL really try our best to take care of ourselves and love ourselves too. You truly can't love another person as you should if you don't love yourself first. As for taking care of yourself mentally and physically it too dose affect others I know as well. It's totally alright to put yourself first and focus on getting well. I can see others who help out as well on DF are doing alright and the best they can at the moment to manage and help others as your job is too. So please try and don't be too upset and down on yourself if your worried about DF and being the admin. Taking breaks or hiatus can actually be the best for people going through a lot in there personally lives. I've done a lot myself and it has made me so much better after clearing my thoughts as well taking good care of myself. Just try best you can as well not to push yourself too much and if you have to step down it dose NOT make you bad or weak. You did what was best for your health and that's NEVER a bad thing at all. Just take days little by little and do YOUR best you can do. I noticed everyone from reading some responses on here REALLY care for you very much and also want the best for you too. I'm not sure what else to say so I hope it made sense or perhaps was helpful maybe for you in some way. Things WILL get better for you soon It might take some time but it WILL happen. Please take care. *sending good and positive vibes you're way *
  5. Calm , content, and good once again. I'm also not thinking much yet again as well, which truly is peaceful.~
  6. Thinking about some things at the moment sorting out my thoughts and deciding what truly is best for me. Also how good things are happening for me right now in my personal life, knowing things ARE going as they should as well I'm truly on the right path. Then how I've been feeling good, calm, content and peaceful state as the really good things started for me. So when I'm feeling sad I think of all the good then I smile and feel better knowing I'm in extremely good hands as well doing great. Lastly my journey is on way once again and even if the path becomes very hard or even extremely difficult where I want to give up. I know deep down even in doubt still and don't see it right away like others do. I truly know I am a extremely strong women and can even will achieve my goals to better myself and love life and fully live life as well.
  7. Currently Watching: The birds outside my window flying about, as well looking at other things around the area
  8. Good News: I FINALLY have the RIGHT therapist and know for sure I have another mental health thing so I can FINALLY get the RIGHT treatment I need so I can be 1000% well and live life much better. Bad News: I'm still struggling with eating, however after today's breakfast I'm going do better~!
  9. 46°F Cloudy maybe with a chance or rain as well~ ☁️
  10. ¤ ( 1. ) My Mother and Sister ~ ¤ ( 2. ) My Therapist ~ ¤ ( 3. ) ALL My Family and Pets ~
  11. # What's On My Mind: Still a few lingering thoughts of DF and online in general still to stay or take my leave for good. ( I also deeply apologize I keep repeating that on here on though it is the truth on how I feel. I won't mention it anymore if it annoys or offends anyone. ) Lastly trying my best to remain calm, content and in a good mood from now on, as well being positive and optimistic.
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