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  1. I feel the same in some ways. Society today..tis sad how its going. Who knows if people will really wake up and get there crap together and help the world and everyone instead of destroying it. I don't follow Societies rules and maybe thats why people don't like me. There loss I suppose though for once in my life it be nice to talk to someone That I can relate too if not all, then respect, be kind too me and treated as an equal.
  2. Some thought I had ADD once growing up though I don't have it from being diagnosed by doctors and therapists. I can relate on trying to stay focus on something. I love watching tons of movies more and some television shows. Though still sometimes I can't focus to long on it so I turn them off and not watch. Till the feeling pasted or I want to finish it. I gotten better over time though with feeling like that.
  3. I always thought I had anger issues as a young girl since my family said I was always angry. I was then it changed over the years. I only get mad when my family doesn't get me and my true feelings. All the pain I'm in everyday, though I get more mad at myself frustrated that I can't explain myself well to other people. I never lashed out at other people though only my family, and I know thats still bad. Now I keep things 100% real with anyone I talk too and speak my mind. Some like it and some don't.
  4. I'm very sorry you're going through that, I definitely can relate to you. I fear that every day still however I have a therapist now though no one else to really talk too. I would say my family but they still don't understand me much or get my pain I feel each passing day. So I'm alone fighting still not giving up since I'm more better with my journey to recovery. Though even if better I have no one to talk to about anything. I'm not like any girls/women out there in today's society. I'm unique and 100% genuine with others. Though people don't seem to like me for who I am, what I like and don't, want and don't want, interests, values, beliefs and so on. All I can do is try and still work on myself and perhaps help others if I can. Since people reject me all the time, though what ever happens, happens I suppose.
  5. Thank you for welcoming me back here. So far in my life right now things have been great for me and still I'm getting better and better everyday. My will to fight, the fire inside me still growing stronger as ever.
  6. 1.) For my mother and sister for what all they do for me 2.) My cat and other family pets 3.) My therapist who's made me 50% better on my journey to recovery
  7. I feel calm, content and aright so far even though I had very bad dreams last night. I just got to push through them and keep my mind busy on other things today.
  8. Hello, I don't know if anyone remembers me and it's completely alright if you don't. I wanted to " try " again and socialize with people after being away for about a year maybe or less. I changed very much when I left having now the right therapist this time that is specialized in C-PTSD or PTSD. I'm happy and very proud to say I'm about 50% better than once I first joined here. I'm certainly not the same gal anymore and learned so much about myself and what I truly want out of life. Still no friends or having a romantic relationship with someone though. If it happens it happens I'm not desperate or sad about it. I still am extremely cautious around people online and in person and yes still have trust issues. I'm working on it, however form what people done to me online the most and a few in person I have every right to be weary or distance myself from things that make me uncomfortable. ( if you knew my story ) I'm not really sure what else to say then I'm here giving people a chance once more and see what happens. Well take care everyone and see you around the fourm.
  9. Currently thought I give DF another try after leaving for a year and a half for very deep personal reasons. Hello to anyone who remembers me. I can say with being gone I'm about 50% better than I once was last time I joined here happy to say. I'm not the same gal anymore and learned a lot, even found some peace as well. Still no friends or experiencing romantic relations with another though. Though if it happens it happens we shall see I'm not desperate. I'm not sure what else to say so I'll see you all on the forums take care.
  10. My tubby cat and his sister~ The birds outside my window singing~
  11. The Weather Channel on television and outside my window at the birds flying about while singing~🌤
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