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  1. ⭐ My tubby cat and his sister~ ⭐ The birds outside my window singing~
  2. The Weather Channel on television and outside my window at the birds flying about while singing~🌤🐦
  3. Currently: 50°F the sun rising and calm outside~🌅 Today's Weather: 70°F partly cloudy with light winds from the NE~ ⛅
  4. What my dreams where telling me last night and mean. Also I strongly feel another content and wonderful day again with my family and pets this weekend.
  5. @SoulSurvivor Thank you kindly for saying that I appreciate it very much. I'm lucky for the 19 years I lived where I reside now we never had a tornado and if it was near our area it went around us since where I live it's a valley type place and any storm system just goes around us anyway a lot of the time. My step father who lived where we live all his life never seen a tornado ever where we live. So as a lot of people told me my whole life here in school we are very safe than other places where I live. It is true it still can happen but for my step father he's 53 I think If I remember right and that's quite a lot of years of no tornado indents were we live. I used to live in a different place with really no tornados at all happening ever, though for some reason I still was terrified of them and any severe weather we had. So I had my fear of storms for a very long time since I was 5 years old.
  6. A new house and big yard for my patents, dogs and cats then a house for my father too with his doggy. 🏠
  7. Currently: 35°F dark clear skies due to being early in the morning still~ 🌙 Today: 66°F Sunny with some clouds and very windy~ 🌬🌤
  8. ⭐ Good News: My sister was my hero even more yesterday giving me all wonderful advice, constantly reassuring me things will be alright and saying I'm strong and important. She has always have my back, supported and loved me no matter what and always will she says. Though yesterday I wanted to cry since I felt so much love from her even more when I had a really bad dream the night before and was out of it tired and anxious. My sister even took the time to call me from her chaotic job stopping everything she was doing from her job to calmly talk to me give me advice. As well help me not be stressed or anxious due to my therapist appointment being rescedual. It made me smile so much and feel happy even more she was there for me yesterday even when she is extremely stressed due to her job right now and struggling herself. I was really surprised for all she did yesterday for me, she even went to the grocery store and got me all my favorite frozen meals so I have even more now for the week as a treat for myself. I love my sister so much as all my family and pets. Though my sister isn't just my sister she's my best friend and second mother to me. I'm extremely grateful she's in my life, even if sometimes we argue she stays by me as well loves me no matter what. I'm crocheting a gift for her still that will take some time and also planning to do other special things for her today as thanks and showing my appreciation for she did for me Friday. 👭
  9. I did walk once this week around my apartment complex one time which it was nice to get out and smell fresh air though also chilly due to it feeling like Winter out. However today will be in the high 60s though 30 to 40 mph gusty winds from the south as well. I'll still do my best to get out and take a walk if I can since I extremely miss fresh air as well being outside more and of coarse having windows open for me, my sister and our 2 cats.
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