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  1. For me and my opinion on this topic is how I think of forgiveness: It is true forgiving someone who wronged or even hurt you is something you can do to help yourself heal and move past it. So I heard people say over the years if they forgive a person. Though I think also a person dose not have to forgive the person who wronged them if they feel they can't and don't want too from the pain and suffering they cause them. I just feel in my opinion everyone has a right to choose to forgive or not in what way helps them move on from it and heals them. It is also true not to hold onto things but if someone really been through something major traumatic ( those traumatic things I will not name ) then they should have every right to choose what they want to do to get passed and heal. Society today tells us what we should do and don't do. Also if you don't it's not normal and it can be wrong. I think follow your heart and what you feel is right and will help you. Don't really care as much of how others would see you since they could judge and turn you away for what you believe. I just feel how the world is today is like that. Yes I can be wrong too about all this. As well not know anything, though for me I might need a very long time to forgive all those who wronged me even broke me severely from the trauma I faced. Or I don't have to and do what I feel will help me. I hope I don't make anyone here upset also not trying to debate either. I just wanted to say my opinion and how I see it. Everyone can do what they feels is right to them. To forgive or not and nothing makes you bad for doing what your heart tells you and what you truly want.
  2. My tubby loving cat~ Lastly my new found optimism, confidence, motivation and positivity for me this morning~
  3. I'm watching the sun rise more outside my window, seeing the morning beginning~
  4. What's on my mind at the moment?: I'm talking a bit on here getting some nice advice as well support from my topic I posted today. Thank you all a lot for your advice and kind words. ❤ Lastly some situation happened in person a few moments ago and I stood up for myself and stated my feelings on the matter. Not in a rude, mean or B word way. A firm way of them getting the point we are tired of it and could they please stop and go somewhere else. It's a long story but all I can say it involves kids and kicking soccer balls on our balcony.
  5. Lost feeling all sorts of emotions at once in my mind. Wondering if I should ever bother with anyone again. Maybe I should be by myself fir good, since everyone I ever meet hurts me in person or online.
  6. Bad news: I had a really bad night again waking up around 1:30AM afraid to go back to sleep. Also still extremely nervous to be on here or anywhere online at the moment. I made my peace of being alone then still I would like to not be afraid of people and talk if only a little. Society today and its rules of just having friends or beyond that to fit in or some kind of normal. ( what the heck IS normal? ) I'm so beyond tired and broken from being hurt over and over again by people online and in person. I'm not sure what to do or think anymore about people and if I should even care. I hope I can meet with my therapist soon and she can help me. I apologize for this deep vent.
  7. Why did the dog cross the road? To get to the barking lot.
  8. @Floor2017 @Epictetus Thank you both kindly for welcoming me here on the forum, I appreciate it.
  9. I sadly don't really laugh or smile really at all anymore. However I do though occasionally because of my family, pets and my tubby crazy cat. Perhaps also at stupid cheesy movies and with extremely bad actors / actresses and story.
  10. So far today I watched some anime, played and relaxed with my cat and joined as well currently looking around this forum.
  11. Manipulators, Liars, Abusers, MAJOR Negative / Pessimistic people , Rude and Judgmental people, and lastly people who don't care or treat the environment and animals right with respect and love. I apologize it's a bit serious about what bugs me.
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