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  1. Hi there.. I really need help from everyone.. My partner of almost 2 years (long distance) is struggling with depression. She still isn't sure if it is the depression, but her and I talked it over and all of the symptoms I provided in a book, she acknowledged that she feels 90% of them. So recently.. we've been in a bit of a rut. She keeps getting these moments of feeling completely worthless, and she says stuff like "I don't want to make you suffer, I feel like you'd be better off without me"" followed by comments like "I don't feel like you love me, and I don't want to be loved". Is this normal for depressed people to not be able to receive love from their partners? I tell her everyday and text her every morning that I love her more than anything and how much she means to me, I write her poems, and buy her cards and write in them too. But she keeps finding reasons that she's not good enough for me and doesn't offer anything. Its really tough.. I'm scared shes going to break up with me because of this. She seems to be really struggling. I cried on the phone with her for a few hours because I told her it breaks my heart that she feels that worthless and unloveable. I tried to reassure her again how much I love her, and how I'm so serious about us that when I see her feeling that way its so ironic because I do love her more than anything even though she doesn't feel that way. Has anyone been the depressed partner or like me in this situation? How did it go? how did you guys handle it? Did things eventually get better? She currently goes to therapy, but she doesn't talk about much there I don't think. I've been trying to push her to talk more about the "worthless" feelings. I just created an account here to talk about this, and I really need some help. I'm scared for her.. I love her more than anything and I wan't such a long future with her. But I'm afraid depression is going to steal her away from me, or make her feel so worthless that she'll break up with me. How can I help her feel more loved? Is it my fault if she doesn't feel loved enough? How do I help her with feeling not good enough for me? Is it really something I can help with? Its so hard sometimes.. I feel like no matter how much I pour my love and time and ask her questions about how she feels.. she still feels worthless.. I don't ever plan on giving up on her. Its more that I'm worried she'll give up on herself and the relationship.
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