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  1. Hi everyone. I am a new member, only subscribing today but have read topics and posts on this forum before. Thought it was time to get a little involved and contribute positively if possible. Just a little about me - Im Jonathan ( Jon) , 30 from the UK and I work in a retail role within the Charity sector. I have a keen but amature interest in mental health issues and psychology. I have studied a little with the Open University and am a aspiring writer. On a more personal note, I have battled a range of mental health issues since I was 15. This includes sleep difficulties, social avoidance disorder, depression, anxiety, suicide ideation ( And one real attempt - thankfully a failed one, many years ago) and addictions - Painkillers, Benzos, Z-drugs etc. All at different times and most recently Diphenhydramine. I have experienced a range of medical treatments - medication and various forms of counselling. While I continue in my journey of recovery and overcoming, I am hoping to draw on the experiences and insights of others, while sharing my own. Many thanks for reading, Jon,
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