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  1. Thats exactly how ive been feeling the last 4 months. Its gotten so bad for me i dont want want to get up in the mornings. People in my life say the same thing, that i should go out socialize or keep my mind busy doing things but it only makes me feel worse. Maybe i should text that crisis hotline too. I dont have any advice as im going through the same thing but i want u to know u are not alone.
  2. I do want to point out that by no means do i think people with borderline personality disorder or any other mental health disorder is not "normal". I only said this in my post because that was the word she used throughout our session and i was only guessing those were going to be her choice of words if i had mentioned that i believe i have signs of BPD.
  3. I just started going to therapy. I have depression and anxiety but i also feel like i may be suffering from a personality disorder (possibly borderline). Anyways although i had only been to one session, i get the feeling my therapist doesnt believe me in some of the symptoms i tell her i have. For example i told her i have bad anxiety and its hard for me to leave my house at times, her response was "well you made it here and you seem fine". Another example was she asked me of i had anger issues (which i do and need help with) and she said to me "really u seem like such a sweet person and everybody gets angry when they reach a boiling point". Ummmm okay? Thats not really what i want to hear. I didnt even bring up the fact that i may possibly have bpd because honestly she probably would have said something along the lines of " you seem perfectly normal" I guess my question is how long should i give this therapist a chance before i request someone else or look for someone else? Its my first visit so i know i should give it at least 2 more visits but im not sure if shes the right fit for me.
  4. Let me start off by saying i am a happily married woman in my 30s but i do suffer from depression and anxiety since i was in my teens. Im embarrassed to talk about it to anyone else as i find they will look at me as weird or something is wrong with me for doing this (maybe there is who knows) Anyways... i started chatting with someone online through a gaming app. This person comsiders me a friend and has seems to takin a liking to me. I have not been honest to this person as ive created a whole persona and have lied about almost everything. The problem is i do not feel bad at all for lieing to this person as 1 i have no romantic connection with this individual and 2 i will never meet this person since we live in 2 different states. I honestly have become obsessed with talking to this person. Im obsessed with his lifestyle as it seems he lives a great life and seems to be a normal functioning individual with no mental health issues such as myself. I dont want to stop lying either. I love that he thinks ive achieved all the things ive told him (which were all lies). I feel like im a ****ed up person that needs therapy to figure out why i do these types of things (this is not my first time doing something like this). If anyone has gone through something similar and would give me advice in what direction therapy wise i should head to. Do i need to talk to a psychiatrist? Will talk therapy help me? I know nobody here can diagnose but ive always read up on bpd and ive always felt i may be suffering from it but not 100%sure
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