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  1. Yeah, stated that way-- that makes a lot of sense. And thank you, everyone else, too.
  2. that's a really helpful question to ask, 'what's next.' i guess for me, it'll be trying to figure out how to balance my ideal with reality. like, i'm really impulsive & i think if i do certain things (quit my job, try to move, etc), they'll give me some peace, but i need to slow down and think through my actions more slowly, and realize that things won't automatically solve problems. that should be my goal for this year.
  3. hi there-- i'm going to cruise some of the other forum topics shortly to see if any of them could help me more specifically, but I thought my first post should be an intro one, anyway. i'm grateful to have found this place, I think, just because i've really been struggling lately. and i have a lot of friends who are super brave and speak out about their mental health struggles and their depression, so rationally i know i'm not alone, but i've never been like them. i can never speak up and when i'm having a particularly rough time because i don't want their pity and i don't want to seem like i want anyone's attention (even though i know that I don't think those things about them when they speak up and ask for help & support.... why, brain? why?) long-story-short, i'm hoping that i'll be more likely to ask for help or advice from strangers rather than the people i love. i think that's the way it's gotta be, for now. so thanks for possibly providing that avenue!
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