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  1. You have very noble aspirations. I also like to try new things. I work as a sales Manager. This is my favorite job, but I want to try and find out more information about remote work. I found this blog about working on the Internet. Now I want to find like-minded people who also like me have a goal.
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  4. I feel very good right now. I constantly take care of my health and take various dietary supplements and vitamins. I love reading medical articles https://hivprep.org/prep-hiv-drug-manufacturers/ and playing sports. I know that prevention of treatment is much better than treatment.
  5. We work at supporting each other in getting through the hardship of living with depression.
  6. I'm in a relationship but even though we've been together awhile, about 6&1/2 years, I still feel so alone. Ive really been struggling lately with my issues and i can't really talk to my boyfriend about it because he just doesnt understand where im coming from
  7. Our vision is to advance the public awareness of mental health issues so as to eliminate the stigma that surrounds depression and mood disorders through education and advocacy
  8. this illness I've struggled with almost my entire life. Thank you B for an amazing post. I wish you all the best day you can possibly have
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