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  1. Hi, everyone. I'e been lurking in this thread and I'm on the verge of developing yet another big celebrity crush again. This one is more about the fictional character the actor plays, not the actor himself. I am trying to do everything I can to avoid reading about him in real life. IMDB, Wikipedia, celebrity sites, Twitter. I clicked 'follow' for him on Twitter and then decided not to. I know nothing of his personal life yet, who his wife or girlfriend is- nothing. I want to just admire and fantasize about the character he plays in a movie, and a cute 'ship' that I read fanfiction of. For now, that's the only media I will consume about this guy. I adore him as the character and from what I've seen of him in the publicity videos of the cast, he is a real sweetie. I have a recurring history of CO's. One was a TV actor from an 80's show. Like many of you, I went crazy for the younger version. Another is an old-time singer, dead since the 60's. I have a lot of obsessions about famous young people who died long ago, and he's only one of many. Hearing his songs is always bittersweet and sad. I still love both of these men, but the obsession's worn off. Those former crushes felt better and more comfortable because there was no big social media about them (the long dead musician of course- because he was killed in the 60's!) Now, after watching this movie 2 times, I can't get enough of him but do NOT want to know who his wife or girlfriend is. I'm even a bit envious of his female co stars because each one either kissed or hugged him onscreen! Oh, and I'm also married, but the marriage has been in a dead bedroom for a few years. I love my husband but the passion is gone.
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