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  1. Hello , I posted a similar question somewhere before but I think i put it in the wrong place and possibly worded it incorrectly. Anyway, I’m having another go here and maybe someone can give a view. i have used Lorazepam regularly for a number of years. I don’t use it in high doses or more than once a day and I don’t abuse it. However, I do have some dependency on it and , if I miss more than one day I start to get rather unpleasant withdrawals. I do intent to get to this resolved with my GP - but not immediately. Anyway, I’ve screwed up on my refills and I am running very low indeed. I can’t get an appointment with my normal doctor for at least a week and, to be honest, given the current situation, they’re so stretched I don’t even want to bother them. However, although I’m almost out of lorazepam, I do have access to some equivalent strength Xanax. It’s clearly not ideal but if I used the Xanax as a temporary substitute for the Lorazepam, is it likely to stave off withdrawal ? Last thing I want is to have a dependency on two benzo’s Any sage advice anyone ?
  2. Is it possible to be dependent on two separate Benzos at the same time. I got experimenting between Lorazepam and Alprazolam , really to see which suited me best. I’ve taken Lorazepam for a year or two but Xanxax for a few weeks. If you are addicted , are you just addicted to benzos generically or is it specific ?
  3. Thank you Atra , that’s good feedback. I was just trying to solicit some views to shape the debate I’m having with myself. I think you’re right, as I said I don’t necessarily distrust the system I’m in - it’s just not what I’m used to. As you say, UK mental health services are (or were) structured in a way that steers down a cognitive approach in the first instance. That said, I spent 20 odd years trying to work it all out with the NHS and here I am , madder than ever 😊. Additionally it seems to me that the NHS is creaking at the seems and doesn’t necessarily offer a model that one would chase (love and respect it though I do). I’m sure the real solution is talk it all through with my psychiatrist and ask him to clarify the plan , it just seems to be piling drug upon drug without taking away what’s clearly not working. Slowly slowly I guess.
  4. Hello everyone, I wonder if anyone can offer me some advice. It’s a long story so I’ll try and make it short. I’m a British citizen but I’ve lived abroad for quite some time now. I am receiving thorough treatment for a variety of chronic mental health issues but the general health paradigm in the country where I reside seems very different to how treatment is approached in the UK. Not saying it’s better or worse but it’s different and not really what I was brought up on. Bottom line is that I’m uncomfortable with the sheer volume , mix and dose of medications that I’m currently prescribed. My psychiatrist is supposedly eminent in his field and certainly seems accomplished. On the other hand , his treatment regime seems a little unusual or even cavalier against my untrained but UK-centric expectations. Frankly, I don’t know whether I properly trust that he’s recommending the right things for me. I want to believe that he is..... but in the back of my mind I’m uneasy. Worrying about whether your psychiatrist is actually some mad professor, seems ironic when you’re being treated for anxiety related stuff. So, I’m considering an investment in a top notch second opinion from a UK based psych. I’m only going to do it once so, within reason, I’m OK with whatever it may cost. But, I don’t know how to go about finding someone who truly is a recognized authority and who I could get to see on a private one-off basis. Could anyone suggest how I could go about locating such a person ?
  5. Thanks people. That’s a helpful way of reframing the situation.
  6. Anyone have any experience of stimulants as a treatment or adjunct for depression. I have been experimenting (legit through my doctor) with dexamphetamin. Initially to address a suspicion that some ADD was at play. Really sitting on the fence with it after about 6 weeks. Initially, I was very hopeful but lately , it settles me down in the morning but leaves me bursting with nervous energy towards the end of the day. To the extent that I usually need Lorazepam to end my day at peace. Anyone had similar experiences with dex ?
  7. Well , speaking only from personal experience of course - one type works and the other doesn’t . Simple as that for me.
  8. Thank you all. I will come back to this and keep you posted. Still trying to figure it out but failed quickly in my tapering efforts anyway. It’s like a diet - it goes well for a while then you get too hungry (read stressed / agitated) and bang..... down goes double dose ! It’s a nightmare really - too many drugs , don’t know if they are helping or hindering and if I did I wouldn’t know which was which. It’s really getting me down - even the volume of different meds itself is causing me grief. Getting to the end of my tether really and thinking if I can try to bag an earlier psych appointment (not scheduled till early Feb). Can’t say it’s an emergency but Im really spinning at the moment and I’m scared by the impulses I seem to get with increasing frequency.
  9. I started taking Lorazepam “as needed” about three years ago to deal with panic attacks and persistent anxiety. It’s all mixed up with chronic , cyclical depression which I’ve battled with for nearly 30 years. I’m pretty sure I now have some dependency on the Lorazepam as I really struggle if I force myself to abstain for more than a couple of days. Physical symptoms are not too bad but my anxiety soars and my depression generally becomes dangerously bad. i have a couple of dilemmas at the moment though. On top of the Lorazepam I’m currently taking 4 separate medications including a pyschostimulant which is quite new for me. I’m pursuing a new theory with my doctor that ADD might be partially involved with my mental state. The thing is I feel like I’ve got so many sticking plasters that I don’t know what’s broken anymore or what might be causing what. I won’t see my psychiatrist now until early Feb so can’t talk it through. I’m also reluctant to tell my GP about it. I’m partially embarrassed but also , since he’s the one who’s generally written scripts for me, it seems somehow “wrong” to then tell him he’s got me addicted. He hasn’t really though - I live in a place where the individual is very much expected to accept some accountability for their treatment. Generally I support the approach but , in my opinion , it leads to over prescribing or at least prescribing which is a little more “relaxed” than it would be in, say, the UK - a system I also know. So - what to do ? I have a stash of 2.5mg and 1mg pills and I reckon I can cut them up to deliver a 10% week on week reduction. Should I give it a go ? Or would I be better off just opening up to my psych or GP and get their view on how to proceed ?
  10. Hi, found this forum tonight and spent several hours perusing. So much in common, so much to relate to...... I have so much to say but have no idea where to start. Still, cyclical depression all my life - now into middle age. Over the years , I’ve tried pretty much everything going and have seen numerous doctors, therapists and psychiatrists. Honestly. I don’t think there is a cure out there for me. i also have anxiety issues , a tendency towards prescription drug and alcohol abuse and my latest psych has proposed a theory that I may have ADD and is now treating me for that. I worry about death a lot and worry about everybody I’m close to pretty much all the time. On the other hand, I often find comfort in the idea of non existence but couldn’t bear the impact my death would have on those I love. I Hate my job , despise the world we are creating for ourselves and desperately want climate change to stop. Frankly, I just feel shit about pretty much everything.including my complex, dark and corrupted mind. Bit of an opening ramble , I’ll try to post more focused topics in the coming weeks.
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