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  1. I just wanted to thank all of you who responded. I'm big on empirical data. I want to see it- studies, etc. There aren't any. I'm going by gut and heart on this one... and it wavers from emotional thinking to cognitive. Jake is fine. No seizures yet. I need to stay in this moment. My boy is yelling at me to feed him, is playing still, potty stuff, snuggly. I will see him over the bridge when it's time. But that isn't today. Thank you all again.
  2. About 6 months ago, my 10 year old cat (since I wasn't able to have children- my cats have experience my love) was diagnosed with a brain tumor. All that is left to do is love him until he needs to 'go". I've recently been having thoughts around if it was my fault??? Did being my support pet and experiencing my severe depression from moderate to suicidal ideation, though he offered me comfort, cause him to get the brain tumor? He's my second cat to have cancer- the first died 10 years ago at 19 but my depression got horrific in the last 10 years of his life. Is the negativity that goes along with depression affect companion pets to the point that they get sick? Cats are so little and every one of them I've had couldn't have loved me more but I'm afraid that I did this to Jake and did it to Harry too. Jake's sister is fine and from the same litter but I've decided after she "goes"- whenever she does- that's it. I love my cats and don't want to put another one through me having such severe depression. I don't want to trigger anyone on the forum but has this happened to a companion pet of anyone's? Maybe it's my sad sad depressed brain that is creating sad thoughts but since it's the 2nd cat I've loved while having depression so horrifically being diagnosed with cancer- I'm looking for input.......
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