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  1. I def agree these forums are amazing, when I first got sick and fell into my depression and mood swings in my early twenties I was terrified and alone , I don’t think I could have gotten through it without this site. Well I’m here if anyone would like a new friend!!!!!
  2. I hate depression so much, I’m trying so hard to eat right & do some exercise everyday, but getting older makes things a lot harder. I just realized today I’ve been coming on this website for about 20 years now.....this was so helpful for me when I was first diagnosed with my disorders, I’m almost 46 and have been a member since my mid twenties.....anyways I’m just trying to interact with people again because my anxiety & depression is getting to a unbearable point again. It’s a never ending struggle.
  3. Was recently prescibed this med,any useful comments or exp's with this med????I had never heard of it ,they gave it to me for my rapid cycling bipolar 2
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