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  1. problerms i have nowadays is i lack patience and interest in work which is sketching and ethical hacking mut im overwhelmed by mood swings and behviour changes (which is my depression) but i just gotta do something in my life i want to ask how should i get rid of this? should i do ethical hacking which is cyber security?
  2. see causing pepole problerm is thier problerm its not what you should be afraid of
  3. sometimes what i think is depression is ok its like youve accepted if it cant go it, but doing nothing after it is kind of bad for your image i also want to tell that writer of harry potter books was also was in depression, it proves that will power is everything
  4. I feel like blaming people outside for about indirectly talking to me
  5. because people are talking to each other or just on tv or on youtube but indirectly when they talk they relate to me and its been from 2013 so its kind of confusion i think even cooking shows hurt me also even people eating like savage hurt me too
  6. its not easy to cope with covid 19 its just a headache plus i have to deal with depression is too much tension
  7. now a days its literally very confusing and very uncomfortable situation for me i also want to tell that anything itell here creates problerm irl like i shouldnt tell it here since my mom has done construction in my home by other person i think its very hard to be comfortable plus depression is very confusing me today i mean i dont want to complain about my mom but its just very difficult life lord jesus please save me from harsh problerms
  8. i dont have interest in anything nowadays
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