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  1. I'm sorry i have no idea what im doing 😭 ill try to fix it
  2. So I made an account on here not overly long ago but havent been on much. I did make a friend though and she told me the right way to do this haha (thanks A 🤗). Here goes kind of a quick rundown of who i am and why im here.. My name is D-- and im honestly just looking for new friends. Its always been really hard for me to make friends because I'm awkward and anti-social but my loneliness has really been getting to me lately so here i am on this site. I'm in a relationship but even though we've been together awhile, about 6&1/2 years, I still feel so alone. Ive really been struggling lately with my issues and i can't really talk to my boyfriend about it because he just doesnt understand where im coming from. I talk to a psychiatrist once in awhile, and a therapist once every 2 weeks but its really not enough. I dont really have any friends.. Im pretty isolated.. I have a job but talking to people at work isnt the same as having actual friends. Like i just want someone to talk to because i feel like i have no one. I have family i can talk to about stuff but i really hate making them worry about me and i usually dont have many good things to say.. Idunno. Im just lonely and need a friend. If you are in need of a friend too, please let me be your friend ❤ I dont judge and i dont try to put people down. I like making other people happy despite not being happy myself. &I am genuinely a good person even though I have a lot of issues. Mental, physical, emotional.. the whole sha-bang. But at my core im kind, caring, understanding and accepting. Even though im awkward as hell and the thought of talking to people scares me.. I really wanna try to be more social. After so many years.. It just really gets to you ya know? So, please.. If you feel alone, reach out to me because you will definitely make a friend here ❤
  3. If anyone is feeling super lonely like i am but youre scared to talk and make friends, let me be that friend. I am terrified of people but at the same time I have no one and am dying for someone to talk to. Someone who will actually listen to me and not shut me down when i try to voice my own opinion about things. Someone that wont get angry at me or judge me for feeling how i feel. (I have a boyfriend of 6&1/2 years but hes not a great listener by any means and tends to make me feel at fault for any issues I bring up.. Even if its about him 😓) I so desperately want a friend who I can really connect with, someone I can vent to, to share stories with, maybe even a laugh or two (bc i could really use a little happiness right now).. overall I just want someone who actually cares about me and my well-being. I want to feel special. I want to feel important. I want to feel like i actually matter to someone. 


    If you feel how i feel, please, let me be your friend ❤

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    2. anxiousE


      I think we are friends if we are following each other... :)

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      If you want to talk, feel free to message me.

    4. stressedanddepressed


      Good point 😅

      &Same goes to you!

  4. Sounds like we're in similar situations. If you ever come back on this site, youve got a friend right here and i am more than willing to talk ❤ I too am a very lonely person, unfortunately.. and dont get much affection or the attention i deserve from my partner either. I also get the eye rolls when i talk about how i feel 🙄
  5. Hello everyone.. it makes me nervous as hell to do this because of my social anxiety.. but I have reached a point of loneliness that has led me to search for a place where I'm able to talk about my issues with people who might actually be able to understand me, a place where I can actually be myself, free of judgement or ridicule. So here I am, hoping I made the right decision by taking a chance and making this account. My name is Destiny, and honestly I could really use a friend or two in my life right now.
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