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  1. Objectively, I’m ugly. I have a square face, my eyes too small, my forehead too big it looks like my hair is receding, my nose is bumpy, wide, and meaty. My lips are big but they are shapeless. I have discoloration on my skin from acne and just natural discoloration cause I’m dark skin. Everyday on social media my friends all are out here so gorgeous and having normal teenage experiences (dates kisses relationships) and a boy has never even glanced at me. I feel like I’m gonna grow up ugly and alone forever and even if I am to find someone I feel like I will have to settle and be in an unhappy relationship just for the sake of not being alone. My heart breaks going outside and seeing all these amazing looking teenagers and people and I’m just here with a curse bestowed on my face. Even the basic thing of taking pictures I can’t even do. They say find your angle, lighting etc but what do you do when you don’t have an angle? When you whole face is just too ugly for the camera. Every “compliment” I’ve ever gotten were back handed. So I end up retreating by myself because every social interaction is a just anxiety. Then I enter deep depression holes where I don’t talk, look in mirrors, make eye contact, etc. It seems that being ugly is everything that holds me back. I can’t change my face and on most days I don’t even think I can learn to accept it. I feel like this is my life, this feeling is my life. Help
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