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  1. Yes you are right. I have tried breathing exercises too but it helps for sometime and again it's back to usual.
  2. I am so glad that someone replied to me. Thank you very much. I don't know how can you help. I just wanted to share my feeling. Everyday I try to keep calm but at the end I become the same. I cannot concerntrate on what ever I am doing.
  3. Hi guys, I just came to know about this forum. I joined it because I have non to share my inner feelings. It's not that I don't have a family or friends, but I cannot share it with anyone as they think I am a loser or it's just a phase or they will start taking stress about my situation. I usually don't get constructive answers. Regarding my issues, I feel mood changes but I don't tell this to others not even my wife as she gets angry and hyper. She does love my but recently I have started feeling that she is not getting attention from me though I try to give her full attention I can. I almost never say no to anything she does. She doesn't get along with my side of family much and she is not usually bothered much with what's happening there. She has started hiding chats from me due some new friend came into her life. I told her about this and she got defensive and if there is anything that he does which is wrong, she still defends him. She says my friends are my friends and not hers and she needs some to talk in office regardless she has many other friends to talk to in real. I sound a jealous husband and I will agree to it but I feel like the importance of mine is going away little by little from her. It's not like she doesn't have male friends, she has many but his time it's different. On daily basis we are spending more time arguing and fighting than being romantic.she nags me on small things. For e.g. why didn't you pick up the carpet, why didnt you fold it this way, why can't you plan and everyday there is something new. Regarding my parents and sisters, I cannot share anything to them. My parents are old and they cannot take stress from me and my sister has financial problem and mentions to me all the time. If she needs help from me a little and mention it to my wife she will get a bit angry. I cannot even help her without my wife knowing my finances. I cannot even share feeling to my friends as they have no answers that can help or some will have no answers. I have started getting anxiety attacks (feeling like vomiting) and thinking that what if I have done things differently that could have helped my to be happy now. Not financially but just normal happy person. I have literally have stopped enjoying things which I used to like games, chatting with friends, watching movies and hanging out. I just do it so my wife is happy and don't think I am being boring. Some times I feel she is comparing me with others. I wake up in the morning and all I think is about how will I end the day. Some time I can't even sleep. Till my eyes gets closed I have continuous thoughts running in my mind. I think I have to talk to my parents twice a week on phone to make them think that I am doing ok. I have lost weight and health wise I am not even good. I feel that people around me with even less salary are doing good because they have supportive family. I am feeling stuck in my life. Most of the time I started feeling that I will be happy if I stay a lonely. Just being in contact is enough. Sorry if I have bored you with a big essay. I just wanted to say what I am feeling. I hope you all find happiness in your life and give happiness to others.
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