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  1. @sober4life. That's really touching you met your best friend like that I'm happy you have them in your life now. Thank you for sharing that.
  2. What Made Me Smile Today : ( 1.) I tried to reach out and approach someone today to converse a bit. ( 2. ) I smiled more that I feel wonderful yet again like yesterday and in a really great mood / mindset. ( 3. ) My cat as always makes me smile.
  3. @Lundi_Hvalursson Some advice don't try too look to much for love right away focus on yourself first. You cannot truly love another person if you don't love and respect yourself first. Since if you did find someone it might fail and you'll get hurt. But maybe not but who really knows everyone's different. I've seen it happen though many times with people I spoken too that were desperate in finding love and thinking you need it to be so called "normal" You don't and should truly focus on yourself till you feel 1000% ready and also who knows someone could find you. But never rush these things since it will end badly and you'll lose faith and possibly be more sad. Lastly you don't need to listen to my advice I just wanted to share what I've learned over the years.
  4. Good news: I feel really great again this morning mood / mindset wise. So I'm currently posting a bit on here. Afterwords finish my writing in my dream journal all the while enjoying the early morning with my cats. Bad news: I haven't decided what to eat for breakfast just quite yet that's filling and of coarse healthy.
  5. @sober4life It's a huge thanks to my mother I got more into walking that I truly enjoy it now and don't think of it as exercise. However I do walk as well to exercise and stay fit but when I walk I don't think of that to be honest anymore. I just get out there take my time and enjoy nature and being outdoors. Walking is something I really enjoy and love doing now and I'm excited for the Autumn season since I'll be walking more and be outdoors longer as well. Or at least try too, heh. I walk 1 mile each day or try my best too. It's wonderful you and other people walk everyday like myself that's really awesome, so good for you~! My mother only said for me too try to do it to get out for my mental health and body sake since I was struggling extremely badly I have to admit at the time and was very sad as well. My mother was 1000% right it improved my mental state tremendously and made me feel wonderful, healthy and truly well again. Also it is true I lost and are still losing weight ( slowly ) ever since I started walking in March this year. Which I'm extremely beyond words proud of myself and just amazed by it. Doing this form of exercise and I get great results still. I just have to get my workout routine started again soon since I haven't done it in a long while. However I still get exercise from walking regardless if I don't do or haven't been. Sometimes a break is alright at least for me it is. With Autumn on it's way I'll do my best to workout once again and as always continue walking till the Winter season.
  6. My dreams at the moment and what they meant while enjoying the early morning hours with my cat and writing in my dream journal.
  7. @SqueezeWax I'm sorry your not doing very well right now at the moment I hope things get better for you soon. Try and hang in there best you can sending good and positive vibes your way. If it makes you feel a little better your username made me smile today.
  8. I'm thinking about all what happened today for me and how I was in a very wonderful mood mindset that all started from waking up happy while feeling peace from my dream. Which for me never happened in a very long time. I'm very proud of what I'd accomplished as well joining here to try and socialize more today. I guess we will see what happens. Over all a fantastic day and I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I hope this feeling lasts.
  9. My fan in my bedroom at the moment then a YouTube video before I call It a night.
  10. @Justanony I still strongly dislike to cry even around people and my family the most. I don't cry too much like I used to when I was younger but I know it's not bad at all to cry. It's really alright and actually good too to let it all out. Keeping it all in even crying can make you sick so if you have to cry then just let it happen and ride it out till your all done. Crying dose not make you weak if you hear people say that a lot it makes you human since we're all not perfect. I can understand crying can be hard for you or you can't due too what happened. I don't tend myself too feel to much emotion and cry when people think I should feel something. I do feel bad about it but it's just how I am at the moment. I'm currently working on myself more and more and trying my best to understand my emotions and learn to control them better. Or more just manage them better if that makes sense. I saw you like painting as well and that's pretty awesome. Always do things you love and sometimes try to be opened minded to trying something new but at your own pace of course. I didn't like writing at all since I struggle with it still a bit due to my learning disability but after I just tried a little bit each day I feel in love with it and it helps me tremendously to get out all my feelings and let things go. But again you do you I hope this maybe helped a little.
  11. @JD4010 In the summer time we pretty much always have the air conditioning on sadly. Cats are truly amazing animals I very much love. I love my cat Tac since he's my therapy cat but really my true best friend.
  12. @JD4010 We have lots of cicadas as well were I reside. I love listening to the crickets early ( 3 or 4 AM ) in the morning its soothing a bit to me.
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