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  1. Hello all, i talked to a psychiatrist today and was diagnosed with depression (no shit sherlock). any of you uses this? how do u feel about it?
  2. ........... 2 days after, she asked told me her club was really slow and wanted me to come. i told her i'll come as a friend and wont have money with me, she got mad and told me that she is at work and that i shouldnt come coz she's there to make money. she was mad, and any stupid guy would do, i went there and she already left. on that very night she was telling me i should've not come since she told me not to and that she really had a horrible night and was mad. anyway, also on that same night, she blocked me in everything her phone, social media everything, there's no way i can see her again but her work, actually to make that more complicated, that's also her last day of work there in that club and will be working on another one. anyway.... i'm so heart broken... i mean i'm 37 for god's sake i should have known better.... but as you see, i havent really dated for like 5 years or maybe more.... and what that girl did to me that night made me happy. Happiness i've never had for about 8 years since my ex that i loved.... i thought we had a connection, i am 37, she was 33. but again.... i know... all of you will say i'm an idiot to like a stripper... but can you really blame me, if strip club is the only place i feel like i'm human. I know its about my money, and it's all a lie... but still at least, a lie that i can somewhat believe. it's sad... it hurts, it sucks. All i ever wanted is to have fun on my birthday... and still all i got is pain in the end. **** this life.
  3. you know i really didnt end up being by myself on my birthday.. this girl i liked (she's a stripper) decided to spend time with me and message me last minute that she is down to spend my special day with me. so we ended up going to a nice 7pm at benihana, after which she was like, what do you wanna do next, i freed up my evening for you. so to my surprise i told her i didnt prepare anything since it's not in my wildest dreams that a dinner would even happen. anyway, we end up on a comedy bar which both of us had so much laughs and fun together. later that night when we are about to part, she told me she really had fun that night and that she was really happy that she had the opportunity to be with me on my special day. i was in heaven for about 2 days...........
  4. is there a hotline where you can just vent everything in your head if you have zero friends? I'm not suicidal or anything (yet) but sometimes pain is just unbearable and just someone to talk to would be great.................. if anyone is bored enough to want to figure out what's going on, its all here... its me ranting on 2nd page of what happened................. long story short another heartbreak and failure.
  5. thank you so much everyone for this! this is amazing.. at least here in the forums i feel loved.... ❤️ thank you again
  6. Today, is my 37th birthday.. a big day for myself yet i dont feel that im loved. There's only one day out of the 365 days in a year that i can call mine, but no one even remembers... i feel so alone... i feel so unloved. What's the point in fighting, if you cannot win. Whats the point of working ... if you support no one. If im just living for myself, then whats the point of living, if no one even cares.
  7. alone, unloved, unwanted. i'm so dying alone, that's what i feel right now. this girl i like dont give a shit about me... my 37th birthday is coming in 2 days and i'm going to celebrate it by myself... yeah... i'm alone, unloved and unwanted.
  8. @Lundi_Hvalursson I feel you brother. I'm 36, I'm not exactly a virgin though but i dont remember the last time i ever had sex. for some reason sex just doesn't come to my life easily, well i lied, i know the reason, i'm a really short guy i'm only 5'0" flat, as you can see this defeats the whole stigma that a guy should be at least alpha male material. I'm not that. if only all these women would look past that will realize how much i can give. i just want someone to love me back, i keep telling myself it shouldn't be that hard, i only need one girl out of the billions. I know i'm not helping, but i just wanna let you know you're not alone. and hey i'll be 37 in 2 days, yet i'm still single.
  9. its 4:53AM, i just got home. i'm happy today, whatever happened tonight, made me really happy. there's hope, we can still be happy in this life.
  10. sleepy.. i did get good sleep last night but i'm just tired, dunno y. maybe coz life is hard
  11. this sounds like my last exgirlfriend. 😂
  12. this is exactly how i feel, and i mean exactly.
  13. i feel very sad tonight... just another day living by myself and that no body loves me. for damn stupid 8 years of living alone, i think tonight is the saddest evening of them all... every night i wonder why im alone... every night i wonder what have i done wrong to deserve this... it is very hard to go through this life alone, all i wanted is someone who would or i could hold tight. someone i can talk to when i'm happy or sad... i dont understand, i dont think it is not too much ask... just another night of being alone... just another lonely night.
  14. i'm sorry! i wish i can help but i have zero knowledge about plumbing. You'll get better at it though as you keep working on it! Learn from previous mistakes and all. Just take it one day at a time. ❤️
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