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  1. its 4:53AM, i just got home. i'm happy today, whatever happened tonight, made me really happy. there's hope, we can still be happy in this life.
  2. sleepy.. i did get good sleep last night but i'm just tired, dunno y. maybe coz life is hard
  3. this sounds like my last exgirlfriend. 😂
  4. this is exactly how i feel, and i mean exactly.
  5. i feel very sad tonight... just another day living by myself and that no body loves me. for damn stupid 8 years of living alone, i think tonight is the saddest evening of them all... every night i wonder why im alone... every night i wonder what have i done wrong to deserve this... it is very hard to go through this life alone, all i wanted is someone who would or i could hold tight. someone i can talk to when i'm happy or sad... i dont understand, i dont think it is not too much ask... just another night of being alone... just another lonely night.
  6. i'm sorry! i wish i can help but i have zero knowledge about plumbing. You'll get better at it though as you keep working on it! Learn from previous mistakes and all. Just take it one day at a time. ❤️
  7. San Francisco. I'm a software engineer. I dont know the job hunting scene here since I moved here with a job already with my existing company. However it seems like there are always hospitality job openings in the hotels if you want to go that route. There are lack of teachers here too so i heard. Medical field is such in demand here as well. I have a feeling the place lacks good doctors though, i mean i'm sure there are some but there's for sure no oversupply of doctors here. For sure there are a lot of restaurants here all over, that seems to need a lot of positions filled. I think if you're not exactly very choosy, then i believe there is no problem finding one. ❤️
  8. I like this. I'm working on it, i know and i believe that deep inside i'm a good catch, these women just wont give me a chance 😂
  9. Snow, we had it for 2 nights last January actually, it was less than an inch and everyone freaked out LOL Cold, I already forgot what cold means going through this very hot Vegas summer! Rain, we had a couple of rains here and there, no big deal, thunderstorms here is crazy though -- quite frightening if you dont like lightning + thunder. Other than that, it's really no big deal. 🙂 I hope you'll find your new haven soon!
  10. @sober4life Vegas is good. 🙂 I moved here last January and I'm loving it. I surround myself with happy people and it seems to help 😂 * standard of living is cheap * got every shop you can think of * plenty of things to do * everything is 15 minutes away ❤️
  11. @John_in_SF I used to live in the bay area! I had my depression 5 years ago, i then moved to Vegas hoping to surround me with happy people and people who at least temporarily are carefree. it helped me a lot, and i love living here, maybe a change of phase would help you? I dunno i'm not an expert but it helped me. San Francisco's expensive standard of living put so much stress to myself, i always worry about my mortgage, job security and all and i'm a software engineer. I hope you'll find your light
  12. @BeyondWeary Thanks for the welcome! :) Yeah, i thought ide do something about the situation and not give up without giving my best! Im still hopeful that someday this circumstance will change!
  13. Hello, I'm a survivor of depression 5 years ago... I thought I left behind this dreaded mental problem and matured, however i feel like it's slowly creeping back in to my life. I've always have badluck with dating, I've been single most parts of my life and single for about 8 years now. I thought I was fine being alone, but with me getting older now at 36 will be 37 in October, it's not getting easier. I know it's not always greener in the other side of having a partner but it helps if you find a good one. I've been all out recently, attending random meetup.com groups to expand my horizon and been rejected by 3 women in a span of 2 weeks. If you think i've done something wrong, all i ever said was... "i think you're really cute, maybe lets go for a coffee sometime?" nothing more, i just wanted to start as friends and hopefully eventually something more. Story of my life.
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