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  1. I have major depression as part of my bipolar II disorder. I also have gotten situational depression as part of some work problems over an extended period. On top of that, my wife died several months ago. I've heard of "double depression" but never triple depression. Has anyone experienced this type of depression and was able to differentiate which depression is which or how to handle it? It's pretty severe and seems impossible to break out of. Though, I feel like I've made a little progress in the last couple of months. But it doesn't diminish the loss of my wife. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for listening/reading and responding. It helps more than you know. Feels good to get things out and have understanding replies. Today is a counseling appointment this afternoon. I am looking forward to it but anxious about getting out. Where is the star trek transporter when you need it? Anyway, it's the first appointment after my move, last one was last year. It's supposed to be for PTSD but I don't know if that's what I need or not. We'll see. I guess they do something called EMDR therapy. My sister thinks it's a good idea.
  3. I would say that if you remember having some stability in your mood or a feeling of normalcy, then you probably can identify your personality much easier. I would try to use that measure to identify bipolar vs. personality. I agree, it's not easy. It's also difficult to measure what is environmental vs. chemical. I find that much more difficult. Good luck. Please share what you find if you would.
  4. Good for you for pushing yourself to go for a walk. And thank you for your website. It has some nice links and is useful.
  5. Thank you for the support and kind words. Despite the major depression, there is a glimmer of hope sometimes that I will be able to function normally again and feel better. So there's that. I can very much empathize with anyone going through the same thing. But I don't have the solution or words to make anything better either. I just keep trying with counseling and medications. And time, because of my wife's passing. That's all I can tell anyone else.
  6. Has anyone had any noticeable change in moods using lamotrigine? I take it and am in a depression so I find it hard to tell if any medications are working.
  7. Right now, I feel depression, loneliness, and high anxiety. I take several medications and none of them seem to help. Or I would seriously not like to find out how I would feel without them. My wife died in January 2019 of breast cancer. I was already depressive to start after years in a bad work environment. I had functioned for decades almost normally. But everything bad came flooding back. I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder since age 25 (nearly 60 now) and have been diagnosed with "double depression" as well. I moved a few months after my wife died to where most of my family lives. It's tough for them to understand or be supportive in my depressive state. They understand, somewhat, the pain of losing a loved one, but not really my complete condition. My sister is a school psychologist and has knowledge, but her empathy is not very strong. Anyway, I've been going through a bad depression for years now. And the anxiety is so high, I feel frozen in my home most of the time. I just wish I knew of a way to get out of this funk. I have a new psychiatrist who is trying to adjust my meds and an appointment for PTSD counseling. That's how I feel right now (the long version if you're in a hurry and the short version if you can relate).
  8. Right now, I feel depression, loneliness, and high anxiety.
  9. It depends. Are you in love or looking for love? I would say yes, do be honest. If you are just looking for companionship and it works, then why change the dynamic of your relationship?
  10. I have chronic moderately severe depression and it doesn't seem to help.
  11. I have chronic moderately severe depression and it doesn't seem to help.
  12. I have chronic moderately severe depression and it doesn't seem to help.
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