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  1. Feeling well rested today. I've just began new medication and so far I am feeling satisfied with how they are working!
  2. Thanks for the reply Tim. I'm currently planning to see my therapist every other week, so you're correct. My therapist is a busy therapist so I will schedule in advance. Thanks.
  3. Hi Everyone, Today I've just done an intake with a therapist and I was wondering how often you guys seek your therapist? I know it varies based on the severity of symptoms of the mental condition one has, whatever is currently happening in someone's life, and the type of therapy one is involved in. I'm fairly stable at the moment and my major depression and generalized anxiety seem to be under control. I'm thinking of seeing my therapist once bi-weekly. Is more time or less good?
  4. Hi everyone. I'm about to be employed at my first full-time job and was wondering what are some ways you guys cope with day-to-day work, discrimination if it is an issue, work/life balance, stress, and more. I have Severe Major Depressive Disorder with Psychotic Features, ADHD Predominantly Inattentive, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder and wondering how to best deal with these disorders while employed. Thank you.
  5. Family is the best. I’ve had lots of support from my family while going through treatment and understanding my mental illnesses
  6. @ItsNeverEnough For me I am not quite sure if my ADHD predominates or my depression or anxiety but I'm sure it's my depression that predominates so my medication focus is on the depression. Usually the anxiety disorder and ADHD are treated before the depression, especially if the depression is more on the severe side. Without the medication I have not been able to minimize ADHD symptoms, but I believe my medication combination have been able to treat my ADHD symptoms from multiple angles both on-label with the Intuniv and off-label with the Lamictal with my co-morbid unipolar or possible bipolar depression (did not mention bipolar disorder as a diagnosis but I may have bipolar disorder because of a recent diagnosis of Mood Disorder NOS from my latest psychiatrist). I'm also trying exercise, diet/nutrition changes, lifestyle changes, education, therapy, and sleep to help minimize ADHD symptoms. Would you consider your MDD more on the mild side? Or moderate or severe? This may help with understanding whether the ADHD predominates over the rest of your mental illness diagnoses. At everyone else who has responded or may respond thank you for the warm welcome and I look forward to posting and participating in discussions.
  7. Hi All, I am a new member looking to contribute my advice and understanding of life issues as far as depression, anxiety, ADHD/ADD and mental illness in general. I'm also looking to learn from others here as far as a path to wellness and healing. I was diagnosed at the age of 21 with Severe Major Depressive Disorder with Psychotic Features, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Predominantly Inattentive Type. I am currently taking Latuda 160 mg, Lamictal 25 mg --> 50 mg, Tenex 2 mg, and Celexa 10 mg. I hope to become an active part of this community as I continue ongoing treatment.
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