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  1. AloneGuy I started out at 200mg and reduced to 50mg. I was planning on switching to 25mg before quitting entirely, but will take your guidance and cut the 25 in half for a few months. I am not in a big rush. I do hope to get completely off them in time. I have been monitoring my moods daily, probably obsessing about it too much. Yesterday had a large argument with my wife, and that impacted my mood. Of course, I don't know if that mood change was normal or not. It was an argument so certainly there is going to be a change in one's mood. (We made up so all is well now.). But again, I am being hyper vigilant watching how I feel. Overall though, I have felt much better since reducing. But my life is in a better place than previously too. The difference in my moods from before Zoloft to after starting Zoloft is minimal. Which is why I've been trying to go off of it. With that said, if it turns out I need to be on it or something similar, so be it. Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I hope you find what you need. Life is crappy enough without being depressed on top of that. Trad
  2. A year and a half. That is pretty good. Hope you are doing well. October 15th I plan on reducing my dose from 50MG to 25MG. If that goes well then December 15th may consider eliminating it, or maybe go every other day. I am being so extra careful and slow because of my previous failed three attempts. I am being hyper vigilant, monitoring every mood I get. Probably more vigilant than necessary. But so far, all seems well. All the best.
  3. Hi AloneGuy, Thank you for your reply. Over the last three years I varied the dose from 200 to 150. I easily dropped to 100 without any side effects at all. But, I am in a better place in my life these days. Previously I had external stresses bothering me. I have been on 100 for about three months now, maybe a tad longer. A few days ago dropped to 50mg. I plan on staying at that level until November 1st assuming no issues. My reason for getting off Zoloft is based on how I was put on it originally. I was at a very stressful job and in a very stressful romantic relationship. Also, financially a disaster. At a routine doctor visit I vented to my doctor about feeling bad emotionally and he suggested Zoloft. I was so excited to maybe have a solution to my misery that I immediately started feeling better. (Yes, I was an idiot then.) I thought it was working for a few months, and with my life a disaster who knows, maybe it was helping in some way. But after that initial time period I continued my normal pattern of being depressed and miserable. Not serious enough to miss work or anything. Just low level misery. As life happened I responded with deeper lows, but again nothing serious. For the last 20 months my life has been in a much more peaceful and healthy place. I have also learned more about who I am and how I compensate for life's troubles instead of facing them and fixing things. So, it is my hope that if I go off very slowly, that I will avoid some of the negative effects of withdrawal. I had heard that some people supplement vitamins or herbs to starve offside effects. I am not doing that currently. I have spoken to my general doctor, a new guy who did not originally prescribe it, and he just said go slow. Didn't have much else to say. So the fact that you have made it off Zoloft does give me some hope. I wish there was a group somewhere of ex-Zoloft people who could share their stories. Thanks again, and I wish you well.
  4. Thanks AloneGuy. Were you able to stay off of Zoloft?
  5. Hello all, Been on Zoloft for about 15 years. Twice in the last five years tried to stop. I slowly reduced dose and each time it took months to get to zero. Each time I experienced the zaps and other side effects. The first time I got to the point of crying at Ford TV commercials, which actually, I never did in the past, even before going on Zoloft. The second time I hit a severe depression, which again, I never experienced before. During each time period there was a lot of stress going on in my life too. So, here I am today, July 2022. I have reduced Zoloft from 200 to 150 and then to 100 a day. Feel fine. No zaps, no depression. I am also in a peaceful time of my life. Yet, I am pretty scared to try to go down further. I don't want to experience those side effects. So, my question is, has anyone figured out how to go off Zoloft to avoid those? Taking supplements vitamins, different diet or what? Or, does anyone know how long it takes to get through these withdrawal symptoms? Thanks in advance! Trad
  6. Epictetus, Thanks for checking in on me. I am doing better. A big part was just sharing with this forum and the responses I received. Thank you again for your concern.
  7. Atra and Epictetus, thank you both very much for taking the time to write in response to my question. Both of your posts were filled with useful information that I can act upon. I cannot thank you enough. Thank God, the last ten days have been good. Such a relief to be out of those blues. I will take your guidance and continue to work on this. Thank you again, Trad
  8. I have not seen any mental health professional in over three years. And even then that was just one visit. My medical doctors have been continuing my Zoloft and occasionally Xanax prescriptions without question for many years. Honestly, I am not sure if I have a chemical imbalance, emotional disorders, trauma from childhood or I am just a lazy bum. If I were to find someone to conduct a true analysis to find out just what the heck is wrong with me, who would I see ? I am in the USA so the choices are counselors, Psychologist or Psychiatrists. Here is my issue with each: Counselors usually have just a masters degree and are often more messed up more than I am. The colleges are pumping out kids with degrees hanging up their shingles every day. At 66 years of age and my own masters degree, I really don't want to be meeting with someone 25 years old. I don't think they could relate. Psychologists: Not even sure about these. Are they enhanced counselors? They have a PhD so are called doctors, but what can they do? I've not had experiences with them before. Psychiatrists: They subscribe pills. And if that doesn't work, they subscribe more pills. Everything is medical to them, not emotional or spiritual. Who can figure me out objectively and develop a course of action to improve my life? I sincerely appreciate anyone who takes the time to answer and hope that you day is going good. Trad
  9. My opinion for what it is worth is that one has to be pretty honest with their therapist. Assuming you trust them of course. However, it is important that you and your therapist understand each other. When someone says "suicidal" thoughts that can mean a lot of things. When I say it it means I want the pain to go away, I don't really want to end my life. Decades ago I misspoke to my therapist about feeling high and then low, and she thought I was Bi-Polar. I forgot to tell her I felt low on Mondays and high on Fridays! My job was ******* me. So, make sure you and the therapist understand each other's words. I wish I could offer more to you. Best of luck.
  10. The original doctor who prescribed Zoloft was a regular MD, family doctor. All my other regular family doctors since have just ignored it pretty much. I had a horrible experience with a Psychiatrist 30 years ago so tend to stay away from them. I have seen counselors from time to time, but honestly, it seems that most of the time they are more concerned about collecting their $120 for each visit. Or they are just guessing. I also have experience working at a university so I know that most people who become counselors or Psychologists/Psychiatrists do so to heal themselves. I dealt with those students in my capacity at the university and they were the most difficult, and the least founded in reality. So, with my lack of confidence in the PSY world, I have no one to talk with about it now. How would I even find someone? By the way, thank you for the comments and suggestions. Is this the correct forum to be discussing this? Also, I hope to be able to assist others in some way too. Don't want to just take and not give. Trad
  11. Hi Epictetus, Thanks for asking. I don't get the severe lows, I just drift below the normal line. Sometimes I get very depressed and wish that the pain would stop, but ending it all is not an option for me. It is consistently being down that tires me. I have been on Zoloft for about a decade. I tried to quit very gradually two years ago. Over the space of six or seven months managed to eventually get off of it. That was not a good thing. A darkness visited me often and eventually I had to go back on it. Maybe after all this time my mind is just adapted to it. So, while Zoloft might be keeping me from the dangerous lows, it sure isn't helping me shake the blues.I use a mood app that rates me. Scale is 1 to 10. 1 is call 911, and 10 would be close to that in the other direction. 5 is neutral, not depressed but not happy either. I usually am a 4 with a 3 tossed in now and then. Once a month or so I can say I am a 6, but I never exceed that. I think my natural state is just below normal. It is frustrating.
  12. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and guidance. It is appreciated.
  13. Hi everyone. I have a combination of Existential Anxiety and High Function Depression. Ever since childhood I am always just under the normal line on a depression chart, meaning I am always somewhat depressed. Yet, few people would suspect that as I perform well at my career and other areas of life. My depression does not prevent me from participating in life. Just enjoying it. Sometimes the depression dips lower. I also have anxiety about the meaning of life, why do we exist, why am I here, where do I go when I die and why does God exist. I hate it that I am here on the side of a planet in deep space and no one knows why or how. Yeah, typing it out it sounds pretty silly. I am a Christian, but obviously my faith is not as strong as it could be. Throughout my life I have seen Psychiatrists, Psychologists, numerous mental health counselors, and attended several support groups. Yet, I am what I am. Which is usually depressed. I've been on Zoloft for over a decade and it keeps the deep dark depressions at bay. Two years ago I very slowly weened myself off it and that did not turn out well. Back on it. I take a Xanax once or twice a week as needed. I am now 66 years old and semi-retired, which only aggravated my stress. I feel sort of bad listing my problems when they are so slight in comparison to so many others. Yet, persistent low level depression really sucks. So, why the hell am I here? I am wondering if anyone else who may have suffered like this have developed any methods of dealing better. I am so tired of not being happy. Thanks much Trad England
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