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  1. Wow, you know alot! So Latuda and Parnate don't work against eachother w dopamine? Good advice to just take Traz and Ambien, will try that. Thank you so much.
  2. I upped to 35 mg in the week I've been on it and defintely feeling not as depressed and mood and thoughts are better. I am going to up to 40 mg tomorrow and hope to feel a greater lift. Some insomia even though I take Ambien amd clonopin My doc has me on Latuda though too to prevent hypo mania and I was reading that this mood stabilizer actually decreases dopamine activity wheras the Parnate works hard to increase dopamine activity so will be talking to him about that. But so far Parnate has been a blessing after failed SsRI's, SRNI, ketamine and TMS. Starting to get out of bed more, run errands, walk dogs and be more functional after one week. No major side effects so have high hopes!
  3. Thanks for replying. So far the diet restrictions don't seem hard bc I can still eat American cheese and mozarella pizza. I plan on upping my dose by 10 mg tomorrow. Will keep you posted!
  4. Hello, I'm on my 3rd day of parnate ( 15mg) along with a mood stabilizer to help with severe depression and being a soft bipolar 2. I've resorted to Parnate after failed responses to TMS and ketamine infusions, and 27 yrs of different SsRi's, some of which worked for a while until they pooped out on me. I have yet to feel any effect from Parnate and wondering when the beneficial effect kicks in. Does it take weeks? And at what dose did anyone start feeling better. Thank you
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