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  1. I posted in this forum last summer about my mom as well. I’m seeking some additional advice regarding how to help her, who is suffering from worsening depression. Background info: My mom’s depression has been increasingly worsening during the past 1-2 years. There are definitely genetic factors here, as my grandma has severe, untreated depression, and apparently my great-grandma did. Mom's two siblings also suffer from depression. I know she has been prescribed anti-depressants; though I don’t know to what extent she takes that med. She used to occasionally see a counselor (I think it may have been once a month). Since Covid, she doesn't to go to these appointments. She no longer takes care of herself, generally sits or sleeps a large portion of the day. She has physical health issues that worry me, but she does not address them. She is fixated on random things (some of which are irrational, and we can’t get her to see the rational/logical side), and frequently ruminates on past issues/insults. Our family does have significant, conflicting personalities, and I think this is a factor here. When we do suggest her seeking help, she brushes the suggestion away. Some of this is likely her depression; but this strong-willed/defiant attitude is just her general personality. We want so much to help her, and for her to seek appropriate help, and for her to return to the ‘Mom’ I grew up with. I believe frequent visits with a psychiatrist would be a good first step, along with any medications/changes. Perhaps a voluntary in-patient stay (though I don’t think we can convince her of this option). We live in a rural area with limited access to this level of psychiatric care. My mom is also obsessed about money & costs, and may refuse/has previously refused, to spend money on such needs. My family and I just don’t know what do to. We’re pretty much just existing around her depression. I’m considering whether other individuals in our family or social circle would be able to talk with her, someone who Mom would actually listen to, and maybe that would help her to seek medical help/treatment. Any anyone has advice; I would appreciate it. Thank you for reading.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Things have not improved. Sometimes things appear okay for a period of time, but then she gets on a low. I don't know whether she sees a counselor or a psychiatrist, and how often (whether it's once a month or more). But I believe these visits need to be more frequent, and with this severity, I hope she's seeing a psychiatrist. I also wouldn't be surprised if she's withholding info from her therapist, and thus not making much (if any) headway. Her moods & lows envelop us all. It's emotionally & spiritually exhausting.
  3. Thank you, I'll look into that. I just don't know how to effectively help her (given our relationship); a psychiatrist will likely have more helpful options/ideas. And thank you for your kinds words; I've been crying all day. It helps to chat here.
  4. That makes sense. She's also recently retired...maybe more time to ruminate? The really severe stuff has been cropping up in the past couple of years. For a long time, only anti-depressants; once in a while, an appointment with a therapist. Now that Medicare's involved, I think her appointments are every month (maybe twice a month).
  5. It depends on her mood. Sometimes she acknowledges it; other times, she gets in such an emotional state, she may not be cognizant of the 'depression' aspect. In her case, since it's hereditary, it's so ingrained in her psyche that I don't know if anything would ultimately help her. I just don't know what to do. Thanks for responding.
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for advice & help. My mom is suffering from severe depression (hereditary, my grandmother is severely depressed as well). She goes to counseling occasionally & takes meds. But sometimes, when she gets really low, refuses to acknowledge her depression and discontinues seeking help. It's gotten so bad for my family that my parents might separate. (Parents in their 60's. Adult children are out of the house). My mom and I don't get along to well, so often just my presence can be aggravating. I have no idea how to help or what tangible thing I can do in this situation. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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